Reaper Tutorials: Index of all Articles


Beginners Guide

Working with Audio

Editing Tracks

Working with guitars

Working with drums


Working with synths

Audio processings and VST/AU Plugins

Working with Midi

Working with Sequencer Megababy

Workflow and Tips and Tricks

Beginner’s Guide

Getting Started – A Quick Guide – Setting up Reaper and VST instruments. Software links and article links included.

Install VST dll – Installing VST dll plugins in Windows

Install VST Plugin from EXE – How to install VST from and executable file such as exe, bat and msi.

Insert Track – How to insert a track in Reaper. Adding a midi or audio track in Reaper.

Arm/Record a Track  -How to arm a track in Reaper. Enable recording on midi or audio trackin Reaper.

Setting Up Midi Device

Setting Up a Midi Device part 2

Monitor Recording

Enable Looping/Repeat Time Selection

Setting Up BPM

Reaper Resource Folder

– Where is the Reaper resource folder, where do save drum maps to? Where are track templates located?

Add or Edit Marker

Add or Edit Region

Snap to Grid Settings

Working with Audio

Render Your Song

Freeze Track

Consolidate Project for Sharing


Split a Track

Grid Settings/Snap to Grid/Bypass Snap


Setting Up Guitar FX

Free Guitar VST Effects

Reaper Convolution Cab/Amp Modeler JS Plugin


Insert Virtual Instrument

Creating Drums in Reaper Part 1

Drum Beat Example 1

ReasampOmatic Drumkit Tutorial


Sforzando Tutorial and Downloads

Free to Download Soundfonts


Free VST Synths to download

Audio Processing

Free EQ Plugins to Download

Free Compression Plugins

Free Reverb Plugins

Free Delay Plugins

Free Chorus FX

Free Guitar VST Effects

Free Phaser Plugins

Free Modulation Plugins


Insert New MIDI Item

Piano Roll Articles

Setting Up Midi Input Recording and Monitor

Insert VST instrument and Midi item

Insert Virtual Instrument on New Track

Creating Chords

Sequencer Megababy

Sequencer Megababy Part 1

Sequencer Megababy Part 2

Creating Drums

Seq MegababyBeginner drum Beat Example

Sequencer Megababy Transpose

Sequencer Megababy Patterns

Sequencer Megababy Key/Piano/Notes Range

Workflow and Tricks

FX Folders
Midi Note Names – Drum Maps

Useful Tip 1: Editing Shortcuts

Track Templates

Tracks: Names, Colours and Icons

Entering Specific Values in Envelopes