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Joe Satriani – 10 Top Tips for guitar students

Not really a Joe Satriani fan musically but there is no denying his talent as a guitarist. What I really respect are his ideas and modesty. These 10 tips are great for the guitarist wanting to find different ways of improving and stretching their fingers and abilities.

Beginner Guitar Lessons: Chord Box

The Chord Box The arrows horizontally point at the frets The arrows vertically point at the strings Unlike TAB the chord box is not upside down – but is a mirror image instead. ‘There are no mistakes, save one: the failure to learn from a mistake’ – Robert Fripp   Pulling your fingers out Let’s […]

Understanding TAB – Tabulature Part 3

Continued from previous page – Understanding TAB – Tabulature Part 2 Take a look at the next part in the Tab of ‘Hall of The Mountain King’ We’re now going to be playing a note on the 1st fret Use your 1st finger to ‘fret’ this note. To play the above note: Press the ‘A’ string on the […]

Free Guitar Lesson: 1 String Exercise

Getting your fingers to untwist themselves can be a frustrating process. Practice is king – for the exercise we’re going to use the ‘G’ string as our basis and the notes from the A minor(natural) scale have been used – this will hopefully give us a few things, Learn how to use our fingers properly. […]

Learning the Notes of C Major on Guitar

Learning the Notes of C Major on Guitar: Exercise for Guitar: Across the top in capitals: Notes from stave Down the side: Strings on guitar Numbers: Frets in guitar Try learning the above in realtion to the stave Try picking out the different patterns. A clue, there are 5 patterns. There are 3 starting on […]

Guitar Exercises: Part 1

Simple finger strength building exercises: Use your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers. With these exercises same finger number as the fret you are playing. Expand each exercise by playing the same pattern through all six strings. Use ‘Alternative Picking’. Start slow, get a clean sound, don’t snap at the note. Try and stretch but […]