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Testing Enviroment

Recently I’ve been checking out mini amps and doing audio reviews. The following list is the equipment used when testing. Recording Equipment: Studio Projects – C1 Condenser Microphone t.bone SC-300 Session Master SCM 300 Condenser Microphone Trakstar Pen Condenser Microphone Joe Meek VC3 Compressor AKG N62E PhantomPower Unit Behringer Xenyx 1622FX Guitars Used: Fender 1990 […]

Production Tips Part 1

Vocals – From a production and performance viewpoint it can be good idea to split the vocal recording monto seperate tracks ie 1 track for verse and 1 track for chorus. This will help in controlling volume differences and will also help with allow you set different levels and fx. It can also help on […]

Midi and Vst setup – Sonar

Click on the midi track number, As shown below. It it will turn yellow To assign the ‘Vst instrument’ Left Click the box the arrow is pointing at. Choose Vst instrument. For Vst Instruments that have several instruments assigned to different channels. If you have setup your VST to have multiple instruments on channels 1-16 […]

Mixing – Using Compression – The Seedier Way

If like me you have trouble with your mixing and mastering stage then the following article sent to me by the scottish reprobate Seedy Dave should help, OK so forgive the obvious but a quick once over basic compression first, lets say you’ve got a track recorded on acoustic geetar and it peaks at 0dB, […]

Computer Music Magazine

http://www.computermusic.co.uk/ New to computer aided recording this excellent magazine is crammed full features. Reviews of software, samlples and equipment. Thoughtful and intersting interviews. Excellent tutorials – focussing on production, music creation, and software use. The magazine also comes with a DVD crammed with nearly 9gb of stuff. The DVD inculdes samples, pluigins and demo software. […]

Compression – Useful Articles

Sound On Sound: How & When To Use Mix Compression Harmomy Central: Compression/Limiting Remixmag: Tips On Compression Settings Tweakheadz: All About Compressors

Bluffing The String Section

Lets face it my instrument of choice is the guitar. I know what it does, I know how to make it do what I want. Bass – well I think like a bassist when I play. Drums – apart from my aversion to cymbals I’ve got to grips with programming those. Strings? Well I’ve bluffed […]

Microphones – Useful Articles

Sound On Sound: Choosing a microphone Mic Types & Characteristics Tweakheadz: How to buy a Microphone for the home studio

Mastering – Useful Articles

List of Free VST Mastering Plugins Harmony Central: 10 Essential Mastering Tips Tweakheadz: How to use software processors to finalise your mix Sound On sound: CD Mastering On Your PC: Tools & Techniques 20 Tips On Home Mastering Home Recording Connection: Premastering and Mastering Premastering www.har-bal.com: The Mastering Tutorial

Recording Vocals – Useful Articles

Tweakheadz: The Art Of Recording Vocals Sound On Sound: Recording Lead Vocals Sound On Sound: Recording Vocals In The Computer Studio Harmony Central: Vocal Processing Tips part 1 Harmony Central: Vocal Processing Tips part 2 Harmony Central: Lucky 13 Vocal Processing Tips