Free A Minor Backing Tracks – Jam Tracks for Guitar

Free A Minor Backing Tracks

Free A Minor Backing Tracks to listen to or download.

Free Jam tracks to play along to for practising Blues and Rock pentatonic scales, runs and phrases in the key of A Minor.

Free A Minor Backing Tracks Playlist

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A Minor Natural Scale:  A B C D E F G A

natural minor scale  or Aeolian mode is a series of notes taken from it’s relative major scale. In this case the Relative Major scale is C Major. To find the Relative Minor we go to the 6th note of C Major; C D E F G (A) B

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A Pentatonic Minor Scale:  A C D E G A

pentatonic scale is a musical scale with five notes per octave as opposed contrast to the major and minor scales. There are Major and Minor Pentatonic scales and their notes are taken from those scales. In this case the Minor Pentatonic is A D E G A with the B and F being removed from the natural minor scale. Back to Playlist

The A Blues Scale: A C D Eb E G A

The Blues scale is the Minor Pentatonic scale with an added note. The blue note in this scale is a flattened 5th. In this scale this is Eb.

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Some Pentatonic Ideas to try out. Not all will work straight away. You have to work with them. Relax, follow the music. Trust your ears.

Free A Minor Backing Tracks

Free A Minor Backing Tracks

Bending strings whilst improvising is a daunting task. To get it right takes practice and plenty of it. We need to tune our ears, train our fingers and persevere. Below are some examples that you can try. Not all will work straight away. Timing and pitch will be a factor. Practice each bend more than once to get your head around it.

Below are some examples of how we can use range – octaves – different positions on the guitar to create different phrasing. We can create dramatic effects by moving into these positions and move music forward. It’s good practice to work your way into these positions. I personally like to use one string to climb the neck working horizontally across the string from position to another.

Once we have moved into the higher position we can then start to use other strings. The difference in tone and the pathways for phrases can help create a different feel to our leads and solos.

Pentatonic Phrases: Free A Minor Backing Tracks

In the example below you can see how I would use the B-string to slide back down to a lower position on the neck. Moving back up to finish on a high note. We can go further up the neck.

Moving Up Higher.

Variations: Once we are into higher ground we can use different ways of playing the same phrase to decide what comes next and where we are going to take our lead or solo. The 1st bar below is an extension of the previous idea. The last three bars below demostrate the same phrase three ways.

Free A Minor Backing Tracks

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Mellow Playlist

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