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Free Guitar VST software

FREE AMP SIMULATION AND EFFECTS RACK – Guitar Rig Based on GUITAR RIG 5 PRO Amp simulation with matched cabinet, 3 effects, and 50 ready-to-use presets Also included in KOMPLETE START – the free bundle with 2,000 sounds and 6 GB of content Get it for free with Komplete Start at Native Instruments   Amplitube Free FREE […]

V Amp Pro – Restoring all factory presets

  All factory presets can be restored as follows: Hold down buttons D and E and then switch on the V-AMP PRO. 􏰂CL􏰃 appears in the display. Now release the two buttons and press the two arrow keys simultaneously. This erases all the edited presets you have stored and restores the factory presets.  

Behringer V-Amp Pro MAC & PC Editor – CTRLR Panel

Behringer V-Amp Pro – Editor   Simple yet effective CTRLR panel to connect to Behringer V-Amp Pro via midi to allow editing of sounds. Unfortunately no way of saving presets at present because I’m not aware of how to do this effectively – work around would be to save on the V-Amp itself manually. That […]

Beginner Guitar Lessons: Chord Box

The Chord Box The arrows horizontally point at the frets The arrows vertically point at the strings Unlike TAB the chord box is not upside down – but is a mirror image instead. ‘There are no mistakes, save one: the failure to learn from a mistake’ – Robert Fripp   Pulling your fingers out Let’s […]

Understanding TAB – Tabulature Part 3

Continued from previous page – Understanding TAB – Tabulature Part 2 Take a look at the next part in the Tab of ‘Hall of The Mountain King’ We’re now going to be playing a note on the 1st fret Use your 1st finger to ‘fret’ this note. To play the above note: Press the ‘A’ string on the […]

Guitar Primer: Understanding TAB – Tabulature

All the material available on this side is gratis. The guitar lesson and online tuition material is offered here for free. Hopefully it should help those looking to get started with their learning and understanding of guitar. All the material available on this side is gratis. The guitar lesson and online tuition material is offered […]

Free D minor Backing Tracks for Jamming Guitar

Uploaded to www.free4allbackingtracks.com 1. Beasty – D minor jam track 3/4 Perfect for D minor pentatonic and D blues scales and phrases. Great for improvising slow blues/rock lead and building licks and runs and perfecting bends, vibrato and hammer ons/pull offs. Download Track – Right Click – Save as 2. Romantika – Free D minor […]

New free to download backing tracks uploaded

Four A minor backing tracks uploaded free to download at www.free4allbackingtracks.com Quick n dirty recordings of simple chord progressions looped for up to 4 minutes in length. Perfect for honing lead guitar chops, runs phrases and licks. Rock 101 Rock 102 Rock 103 Rock 104

Marshall JH-1 'The Jackhammer' Test

Marshall JH-1 ‘The jackhammer’ – Review and Test. The Jackhammer is a funny pedal, the controls are fiddly and  the Distortion is hopeless but the overdrive is very usable indeed. I picked mine up on ebay for a very good price. Therefore this review and test is based on the price I paid which was […]