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Articles on the Roland VS880 expanded digital audio workstation.

Roland VS880 CTRLR Panel Midi Control -Jog Wheel/Data Wheel

Roland VS880 Daw Midi Control Having acquired a VS880 recently I found that the jog/data wheel is not very responsive and as it is a very important factor in using this unit I decided to take a look into the Sysex control elements. A lot of work has gone into this, it’s not perfect and […]

Adventures with the Roland VS880 – CF Card and CF to IDE Reader

Working solution are the components above. Transcend 4gb card doesn’t work for but the Clouddisk Compact Flash card seems to work fine I think this maybe a speed issue. The VS880 would find the card but not initialize it – the red led indicating hard drive use would flash but the screen would stay stationary […]

Roland VS880 expanded PC Control Software

Due to a rather inconsistent jog wheel  I have delved deep into the sysex commands of the Roland VS880 to help mitigate some of the more tedious tasks and negate the temperamental time/jog wheel. This is Panel created using CTRLR is a work in progress – some parameters don’t seem to output sysex and as […]

Roland VS880 Sysex

Input Mix: On:Off Track 1 f0 41 10 7c 12 02 01 00 LS MS f7 Track 2 f0 41 10 7c 12 02 01 01 LS MS f7 Track 3 f0 41 10 7c 12 02 01 02 LS MS f7 Track 4 f0 41 10 7c 12 02 01 03 LS MS f7 […]