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Reaper Tutorials: Index of all Articles


Reaper Tutorials: Index of all Articles Below is an index of Reaper Tutorials and articles hosted on this website. Index: Reaper Tutorials and all Articles Beginners Guide Working with Audio Editing Tracks Working with guitars Working with drums Soundfonts/Instruments Working with synths Audio processings and VST/AU Plugins Working with Midi Working with Sequencer Megababy Workflow […]

How to remove FX from Track Quickly in Reaper

How to remove FX from Track Quickly in Reaper Reaper has some really useful shortcuts that many of us are not aware of. One is removing an effect on a track quickly. Using Alt and the Left Mouse button to click the FX next to the FX on off button. To remove FX from your […]

Reaper New Project Name Prompt


Reaper New Project Name Prompt When creating a new project in Reaper we might want a prompt to give the project a name. Why? Well for one backups. If we set auto backups in preferences we can make sure we never lose any work. Reason two? It’s just safer to do so. It just is. […]

Reaper Tutorials: Track Templates – Workflow – Favourite Settings

One thing that I have found in reaper is that I spend a lot of time fiddling with setting up tracks. This can include routing midi or audio in and sometimes routing midi or audio out. This also applies to using a combination of FX plugins. Getting some templates together can save you a lot […]

Reaper Tutorial: Organising VST and AU Plugins – Custom folders

It’s good practice to organise your plugins – well it is for me. You can always filter and search for a plugin, but sometimes the amount of plugins you have can mean that you overlook certain plugins that are within your arsenal. So let’s get organised. First you’ll need Reaper up and running. Next add […]