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Reaper: Media Explorer Midi Pitch Change Transpose

Reaper: Media Explorer Midi Pitch Change Transpose Audition and Transpose in Reaper’s media explorer. Add pitch shift to menu bar/tool bar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN4xA… Download Decent Sampler free VST Sampler/Rompler for Reaper and other DAWs https://www.decentsamples.com/product…

Free VST AU Plugin Sampler for Mac and Windows

Free VST AU Plugin Sampler for Mac and Windows A FREE sampling plugin that allows you to play samples in the Decent Sampler format. Easy simple setup – sign up for free account and get access to an extensive library of free instruments. You can create your own instruments by learning the code which by […]

Sampletank 3 worth it?

I was a big fan of Sampletank and used it quite a lot – in fact I also had Miroslav and Samplemoog – if I remember rightly I got Miroslav first. I used Sampletank a lot over the years, I would expect there is at least one instrument on every track I have done since […]

Free VST Drum Sampler: Loopazoid

Loopzazoid by NextSoft is my favourite Drum Sampler VST, It’s not out of the box because you need to create your own kits. If like me you’ve got shed loads of drum samples it’s really easy to set up a kit. Your samples though will probably need converting as Loopazoid only accepts samples at 16bit. […]

Proteus VX – FREE Sampling Synth!

Yep, that’s right! EMU release and launch E-MU’s next generation Emulator X3 Streaming Sampling Synthesizer software, E-MU celebrates and is pleased to announce that we will be providing the full version of our Proteus VX Software Sound Module software which includes the enhanced v2.0.1 Proteus X Composer Bank. (a special E-MU tweaked version of the […]

Emu Esi 32

ESi 32 Download Manual ESI-32 – 1994 Essentially a cost reduction of the EIIIX sampler (EIII software ported to new hardware), this two rack space sampler broke the price barrier for high-quality sampling. Thirty-two voice polyphony, 32MB of RAM and a huge sound library made this E-MU’s best selling sampler of all time. ‘The ESI-32 […]

The Sound Exchange

Looking for free orchestral samples? The Philharmonia Orchestra Sound Exchange Downloads are individual – which can take a while if setting up multiple instruments. Also they’re in mp3 format 96kps. But beggars can’t be choosers. A variety of orchestral instruments are available with articulations. Check it out. The Philharmonia Orchestra Sound Exchange

UVI Work Station

http://www.uvisoundsource.com/ Developer Ultimate Sound Bank has just released a free ROMpler. By all accounts it can play back sampled content and comes supplied with four instrument patches. A Drum Kit and five REX2 loops. Of real interest is the 415mb Soundpack Demo, which features dozens of sounds from Ultimate Sound Bank range of UVI soundcards. […]

Bluffing The String Section

Lets face it my instrument of choice is the guitar. I know what it does, I know how to make it do what I want. Bass – well I think like a bassist when I play. Drums – apart from my aversion to cymbals I’ve got to grips with programming those. Strings? Well I’ve bluffed […]