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Sampletank 3 worth it?

I was a big fan of Sampletank and used it quite a lot – in fact I also had Miroslav and Samplemoog – if I remember rightly I got Miroslav first. I used Sampletank a lot over the years, I would expect there is at least one instrument on every track I have done since […]

Synthesizers and Samplers – Part One Sampling

As a relative newcomer to synthesizers and samplers it’s become a sideline fascination of mine to understand how they work. This article is a newbie guide to understanding these instruments written by someone just grasping the information. Hopefully because of my relative newness to the subject I can shed light on areas that those who […]

Emu Esi 32

ESi 32 Download Manual ESI-32 – 1994 Essentially a cost reduction of the EIIIX sampler (EIII software ported to new hardware), this two rack space sampler broke the price barrier for high-quality sampling. Thirty-two voice polyphony, 32MB of RAM and a huge sound library made this E-MU’s best selling sampler of all time. ‘The ESI-32 […]

The Sound Exchange

Looking for free orchestral samples? The Philharmonia Orchestra Sound Exchange Downloads are individual – which can take a while if setting up multiple instruments. Also they’re in mp3 format 96kps. But beggars can’t be choosers. A variety of orchestral instruments are available with articulations. Check it out. The Philharmonia Orchestra Sound Exchange

Bluffing The String Section

Lets face it my instrument of choice is the guitar. I know what it does, I know how to make it do what I want. Bass – well I think like a bassist when I play. Drums – apart from my aversion to cymbals I’ve got to grips with programming those. Strings? Well I’ve bluffed […]

Getting samples into Emu Esi32 Os 2.1 or lower

So you got an Emuesi32 without Os 3. How do you get samples to the machine without using floppy? The way I’ve done it means lots of software and a bit of fiddling. Got patience? You’ll need 1. Chicken Systems Translator – there’s a free vesion. 2. Cut.Rate.Keymapper – it’s free. 3. scsi cdrom for […]