Bluesky Track List Playlists -Spotify-Apple Music

BlueSky Track List Curated playlists for music found and recommended on Bluesky Social Network. Please checkout, listen, like, subscibe and follow playlists and artists included. Hit shuffle and enjoy. Bluesky on Apple Music Bluesky on Spotify  Follow Mark James(Untidy Music) UntidyMusic@Bluesky untidymusic@spotify untidymusic@applemusic To get your music listed get on Bluesky and find me […]

Reaper Tutorials: Index of all Articles


Reaper Tutorials: Index of all Articles Below is an index of Reaper Tutorials and articles hosted on this website. Index: Reaper Tutorials and all Articles Beginners Guide Working with Audio Editing Tracks Working with guitars Working with drums Soundfonts/Instruments Working with synths Audio processings and VST/AU Plugins Working with Midi Working with Sequencer Megababy Workflow […]

Decent Sampler Drums, Instruments and Synths

Decent Sampler Drums, Instruments and Synths Untidy music’s own sampled kits forDecent Sampler including Drums, Instruments and Synths. Old 80’s keyboards, Squire Bass, Drum Modules and broken guitar. Decent Sampler Drums, Instruments and Synths Free to download

Online Guitar Chordbook: Guitar Chords

Online Guitar Chordbook Free to use online chordbook including Guitar chords, Open chords, Barre chords. All the chords you to get started and more, free to use as well as all resources and lessons on this site. Use the search box below to find your required chord. Search for chord in box below: The A […]

Budget DAW Setup with Drums, Synths and FX


Budget DAW Setup Getting started with pc or laptop recording. How to get started with your budget DAW setup with drums, synths and FX. DAW = Digital Audio Workstation VST Plugin – Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is an audio plug-in software interface that integrates software synthesizer and effects in digital audio workstations. Budget DAW Setup Links: […]

Black screen GUI IK Multimedia VST plugins Remote Desktop

Black screen GUI IK Multimedia VST plugins Remote Desktop An issue that I came across recently was certain vst plugins not rendering their guis properly under Reaper. Instead I was left with  black screen. This started after I removed my graphics card and decided to revert to tthe onboard HD4000 video controller. I didn’t forsee […]

BlueSky Playlists – Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube

BlueSky Playlist – Track List – Apple Music , Spotify and Youtube Curated list of music found on Bluesky, an eclectic mix of styles. If you’re on Bluesky and want to be included find us on BlueSky @untidymusic give us a follow and share your music or check out the link below. Get included Check […]

A Minor Backing Tracks : From the Vault

A Minor Backing Tracks : From the Vault Assortment of Backing Tracks in A Minor for guitar. Available on Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple Music. Practice your guitar soloing and lead guitar playing with this assortment of different A Minor backing tracks. BandCamp A Minor Backing Track: From the Vault by Machine_Code_Dream Spotify Apple Music