Reaper Tutorials: Index of all Articles


Reaper Tutorials: Index of all Articles Below is an index of Reaper Tutorials and articles hosted on this website. Index: Reaper Tutorials and all Articles Beginners Guide Working with Audio Editing Tracks Working with guitars Working with drums Soundfonts/Instruments Working with synths Audio processings and VST/AU Plugins Working with Midi Working with Sequencer Megababy Workflow […]

Decent Sampler Drums, Instruments and Synths

Decent Sampler Drums, Instruments and Synths Untidy music’s own sampled kits forDecent Sampler including Drums, Instruments and Synths. Old 80’s keyboards, Squire Bass, Drum Modules and broken guitar. Decent Sampler Drums, Instruments and Synths Free to download

Online Guitar Chordbook: Guitar Chords

Online Guitar Chordbook Free to use online chordbook including Guitar chords, Open chords, Barre chords. All the chords you to get started and more, free to use as well as all resources and lessons on this site. Use the search box below to find your required chord. Search for chord in box below: The A […]

Budget DAW Setup with Drums, Synths and FX


Budget DAW Setup Getting started with pc or laptop recording. How to get started with your budget DAW setup with drums, synths and FX. DAW = Digital Audio Workstation VST Plugin – Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is an audio plug-in software interface that integrates software synthesizer and effects in digital audio workstations. Budget DAW Setup Links: […]

Free Drum Machine DR16 VST

Alysia Drum Machine DR16 VST Drum Rompler based on the Alesis SR-16 – Free DR16 Drum machine VST. Free to download Alysia Drum Machine VST Rompler DR16 based on the Alesis SR-16 drum machine. 90s drum machine VST plugin. Demo below on YouTube:

Roland D-110 TONE EDITING Part 2

Roland D-110 TONE EDITING Part 2 – Editing Procedure Part 1 * The editing procedure does not automatically rewrite the existing Tone, and therefore will be erased by selecting a different Patch, Timber or Tone. Towrite the edited Tone in memory, take the Tone Writing procedure. [Selecting a Tone] Step 1 – Push TIMBRE. Step […]

Roland D-110 TONE EDITING Part 1

Roland D-110 TONE EDITING The general concept of synthesizers and sound synthesis are explained in “LA Synthesis” – What is LA Synthesis Roland D110 1 . The Basic Concept of a Tone [Partial and Structure] A Tone consists of a PARTIAL block and a common block. Partials are combined in pairs, and two sets of pairs […]


TIMBRE EDITING Roland D-110 : TIMBRE EDITING. The Timbre editing procedure sets Tones to be assigned to a Timbre, the Bender Range, Output Assign, etc. * The edited data will be erased by selecting a different Patch or Timbre. To retain it in memory, take the Patch Writing or Timbre Writing procedure. Step 1 Push […]

Roland D-110 : Patch Editing

Roland D-110 : Patch Editing :::PATCH EDITING::: Patch editing includes Patch name and Reverb settings. Parameters for Patch Edit * The editing procedure does not automatically rewrite the exiting data. The edited version will I be erased by selecting a different Patch. If you wish to retain the data, take an appropriate Patch Writing procedure. […]

Roland D-110 Sysex

Roland Exclusive Messages 1.  Data Format for Exclusive Messages Roland’s MIDI implcmcn1ation uses the following data format for all exclusive messages (type IV): :: MIDI status : FOH, F7H An exclusive message must be flanked by a pair or status codes, starting with a Manufactures – ID immediately after F0I I (MIDI version 1.0). :: […]

Roland D-110: Editing Parameters

Roland D-110: Editing Parameters In the advanced section of the D110 manual we have section relating to parameter editing [BASIC PROCEDURES] 1. Basic Procedure for Editing Parameters The D-110 has several modes and a great many parameters, offering sound synthesis and various effects using the Multi Timbral function. To edit a parameter, you should turn […]

Roland D-110 Specifications – Specs

Roland D-110 Specifications [D-110: Multi Timbral Sound Module] •Sound source LA System Maximum Voices: 32 Voices •Memory Patches: 64 Timbres: 128 Preset Tones : 128 Programmable Tones : 64 Preset Rhythm Tones: 63 • Memory Card [M-256D) Patches: 64 Timbres : 128 Tones: 64 Rhythm Setups: One Set [M-128O] Patches: 32 Timbres : 128 Tones: […]