Hornet Plugins Halloween Sale 60% off

having a Halloween Sale: 60% off every plugin and 30% off all bundles These is ending soon, on October 28th at 21:00 (Italy time) so you don’t have much time left! Have a look at the countdown on our site and do not miss the chance to have our latest plugins for less than half the price! Just go to https://www.hornetplugins.com to get the […]

D16 Halloween Sale

Halloween Sale – All products 40% off Halloween Sale has just started! Check out the great deal from D16 Group. All products available with 40% discount at our online shop. Enter HALLOWEEN21 coupon code during checkout to take the advantage of this great offer. The offer expires on November 2nd, 2021. D16 Halloween Sale 40% off Fantastic Chorus Effect _Syntorus Chorus with real […]

5 Free VST Chorus FX and How to Create Chorus in Reaper

Free to Download VST and AU Chorus FX plugins Chorus is an audio effect that occurs when individual sounds with approximately the same time, and very similar pitches, converge and are perceived as one. The Chorus effect was originally designed to simulate several voices, just as if several persons were playing together the same notes, but with a […]

Behringer OD300 Overdrive Distortion Pedal Audio Test Review

Behringer OD300 Mutliple guitar Audio Test of the Behringer OD300 Overdrive Distortion Pedal. 2-Mode Overdrive/Distortion Effects Pedal Dedicated Level, Tone, Drive and Mode controls for awesome sound shaping Guitars: Fender Teelcaster (Mexican) – Seymour Duncan Bridge Pickup Mod Epiphone Les Paul(Korean) Harley Benton CST-24 Deluxe (Vietnam?)- Roswell Pickups Squire Bullet Strat (China) – with Iron […]

RM1x Acid Kit Sampled Kit Free Downloads

RM1x Acid Kit 1 Sampled Kit WAV files, Kontakt Kit and Soundfont free download. All sampled at  24bit and WAV file packs. Kontakt saved as monoliths. Sampled directly from Yamaha RM1x  Sequence Remixer through ESI Maya44xte with no pre or post processing. All files have original note mapping to run alongside their original mapping on […]

Waves 48 hr sale Delays and Reverbs from $29.99

Waves Delays and Reverbs 48 hour sale $29.99 with create40 Spend $50 get 1 free Spend $90 get 2 free Spend $120 get 3 free IR1 Convolution Reverb $29.99 Wembley Arena. Grand Ole Opry. Sydney Opera House. CBGB’s. Birdland. Want to record in the world’s greatest venues? Now you can. IR1 puts the meticulously captured […]

ReaSamplOmatic5000 Simple Drums with Hi Hat Midi Choke

Creating your own instruments in Reaper is quite a simple exercise when you know how. Using Reaper’s built in sampler, ReasamplOmatic5000 we can build complex instruments. Today I’m going to run through creating a simple drum kit. This will include a hi-hat choke using Reaper’s built in Midi ChokeJS plugin. Skip to Choke Section of […]

Sforzando – Free VST Soundfont player plugin Tutorial

Looking for a free no nonsense alternative to Kontakt or Sampletank? We know that the costs of some of the big boy software can be a barrier – where do we find free sounds? How do I get started? Can I just find a simple rompler that allows me to build a free usable sound […]

Free Compression VST: 5 Must have Plugins

MCompressor A powerful compressor with custom processing shape and many other unique features. MCompressor provides refined compression. It features an adjustable compression shape, giving you the power to create dynamic sound effects, and a range of up-sampling options for a crystal clear sound. Product Page More Info The MCompressor comes included in the: MFreeFXBundle The biggest and most […]

Caline CP-15 Tantrum Distortion Pedal test 1

CP-15 Tantrum Metal Distortion Budget Pedal Audio Test – £25.59 distortion pedal The Tantrum Distortion pedal features an effective 3-band EQ, which helps to make the guitar sound cut through the mix. Lush basses and shimmering highs are typical Tantrum trademarks. Mid Scoop-sounds can easily be dialed in. In addition to the distortion section, there […]