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Index: Beginners Guide Working with Audio Editing Tracks Working with guitars Working with drums Soundfonts/Instruments Working with synths Audio processings and VST/AU Plugins Working with Midi Working with Sequencer Megababy Workflow and Tips and Tricks Beginner’s Guide Getting Started – A Quick Guide – Setting up Reaper and VST instruments. Software links and article links […]

Waves Free Plugin: Lofi Space plugin

Lofi Space Plugin – Waves Free Plugin Get it Here Now Use Space as an Instrument Some reverbs and delays are there just to be felt. Lofi Space is meant to be heard. Lofi Space is the perfect effect for those attention-grabbing ear candy moments. With bright saturated delay and two flavors of analog-based spring and plate […]

Metadata and Reaper Media Explorer

Edit Metadata

Metadata and Reaper Media Explorer Media Explorer Advanced has advanced recently. Metadata and Reaper Media Explorer are now integrated. This means we can create better search results in our sample databases. Editing Metadata using Media Monkey and Media Explorer Editing files is relatively easy. It is not without it’s challenges, most of those are met […]

Free Filter Plugin VST and AU

Filterjam Multiband Resonant Filter Resonant Freebie Filterjam is a multi-band resonant filter delivering weird ringmod-like filtered sounds. The input signal is divided into 4 bands that are then summed or multiplied together according to the selected mode. Filterjam can be very harsh or gentle, it can add brightness or depth to synth sounds, but it can […]

Christmas Guitar Gift Ideas – Guitar Accessories

Christmas Guitar Gift Ideas Coming up perfect christmas guitar gift ideas is a bit of a minefield for those who have no knowledge of what guitarists want. Lessons are a good option for beginners but what if they already have lessons. Maybe they don’t need them anymore. Below is a list of items that all […]

New Waves Plugin the SSL EV2 Channel 

New Waves Plugin the SSL EV2 Channel The Waves SSL EV2 Channel is a brand-new emulation of the classic SSL 4000E console channel strip, fully authorized by Solid State Logic. It uses new analog modeling technology to create a new level of analog richness and detail. This is not a simple revision of the old Waves SSL E channel. It is a completely new plugin, re-modeled from the ground up. New features: –The new Brown Knob – this is new to the SSL EV2, […]

How to Use a Guitar Tuner – Guitar Tuna Free App

How to Use a Guitar Tuner Using the Free Guitar Tuna App Learning to use a guitar tuner is a tricky one to start with. When we start learning guitar it’s not always apparent what we need to do. It is good practice to tune your guitar before every session. This means that when you […]

Free Plugin Bezerk from Waves and Reason

Free Plugin Bezerk from Waves and Reason Free Plugin Bezerk from waves Get it here free Also check out Waves free plugin and Black Friday Sales Reason Studios and Waves have teamed up to give you an awesome plugin, completely FREE. Berzerk is the go-to plugin for deranged creative distortion effects. Go wild with distortion […]

IK Multimedia Sale 50% off MAXTACULAR Sale

IK Multimedia Sale 50% off in the IK Multimedia Sale. MAXtacular music software promotion – Up to 50% off new and select MAX bundles Total VI MAX virtual instrument bundle Total Studio 3.5 MAX bundle music production software bundle More Deals: Brainworx bx_masterdesk classic FREE!!! Slate Digital Free Sample Packs Free Waves Plugin IK Multimedia […]

Free Sample Packs Slate Digital

Download every sample pack for free Free Sample Packs from Slate Digital until Jan 01 Slate Digital are excited to announce that every sample pack we make is now 100% free to download until Jan 1—including 4 brand-new packs covering modern R&B, Pop, Ambient Electronic, and modern Guitar. All royalty-free, all ready to drop into […]

Beginners Acoustic Guitars Christmas 2021

Beginners Acoustic Guitars for Christmas 2021 That first guitar is always special, it’s an amazing gift to give or receive. Beginners acoustic guitars this year gives us a lot of choices. If you are looking for help with choosing and beginners electric guitar please click. Size for Students beginners guitar. Skip to Adults and Children […]

Black Friday Plugin Deals: Waves SSL E-Channel $29.99

Waves SSL E-Channel Black Friday Plugin Deals $2999 The SSL E-Channel Black Friday Plugin Deals. The SSL-E delivers the incomparable sound of the Solid State Logic 4000-series console’s all-discrete design and its Class A, VCA chip. It’s a slice of the world’s greatest hitmaking machine, in your computer. Waves Free Plugin Offer New plugin from […]

Free Analog Waveforms Instrument Decent Sampler

Free Analog Waveforms Instrument The Free Analog Waveforms Instrumentis a virtual instrument that uses at its core a sample set of a genuine analog synthesizer. You will need the Decent Sampler plugin at Decent Samples. Decent Sampler is a FREE sampling plugin that allows you to play samples in the Decent Sampler format. Each basic […]

Free Waves Plugin and Great Deals for Black Friday

Black Friday Sale and Free Plugin Sign Up Now This Black Friday Waves are releasing a BRAND NEW PLUGIN: Sign up now to get it FREE! get this Free Waves Plugin now. Platinum is an extraordinary collection of 60 audio plugins. From dynamics, equalization and reverb to pitch correction, spatial imaging, harmonic enhancement and beyond, […]

Brainworx bx_Masterdesk Classic Free

Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic Free Free Mastering chain VST Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic Free. Use code: BX-FOR-FREE (expires November 24) Until November 24: Get bx_masterdesk Classic for FREE! Use Code: BX-FOR-FREE This plugin is included in our Mix & Master and MEGA Bundle at no extra cost! Crafting great sounding masters has never been easier bx_masterdesk Classic gives you the sound […]