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Drum Programming: Tips and Tricks


When programming drum beats in Reapers midi editor there are several ways to help our workflow. Shortcuts, Screen Setup, Drum Maps etc. Below I’m going to show you how I have my Drum Editor setup and what I do to make creating beats easier and much more fun. Some of this can take time to […]

Reaper and Drum Programming Resources


Reaper and Drum Programming Resources As a project I am going to be getting my own resources and adding them here alongside links to software, articles, tutorials and available courses regarding programming drums in Reaper. This will include Drum Maps, Samples electronic and acoustic, Ideas and Tricks and tips. If you have any resources, videos, […]

MT Power Drum Kit 2 in Reaper Articles

MT Power Drum Kit 2 in REAPER The following videos and articles are tutorials on how to create drum tracks in Reaper using MT Power Drum Kit – the Video below deals with using the in built midi files in MT Power Drum Kit the articles deal with using midi and piano roll. MT Power […]

Note Values – Reaper

Semi Breve – Last for 4 Beats – 1 per bar in 4/4 Minim = Last for 2 Beats – 2 per bar in 4/4 Crotchet = Last for 1 beat – 4 per bar in 4/4 Quaver = 1/2 a beat – 8 per bar in 4/4 Semi Quaver = 1/4 of a beat […]

Create Drum Beats in Reaper using MT PowerDrum Kit VST

Part 1 Using these previous article: tutorials. Getting Started with Reaper How to Insert A Virtual Instrument in Reaper Article On Installing MTPowerKit The article below is a starter turtorial, if you want to delve further read: Drum Editor Setup We want to create a track with MT PowerDrumKit. Automatically we will have a screen […]

Sequencer Megababy Drums- Creating Drums in Reaper

Sequencer Megababy Drums Creating Drums in Reaper For this tutorial on Sequencer Megababy Drums I will be using: Reaper and Sequencer Megababy to create Drum loops. Dope VST CM – Available with Computer Music Magazine. Buy a copy now and download for free plus loads of other great plugins. Link You can buy the full […]