Consolidate or Share Reaper Project

Sharing a Reaper Project:

You will need three things to start.

  1. Winrar – Download here click blue button to download.
  2. Somewhere memorable to save – ie Desktop – we need to locate this file so that we can email it.
  3. If you have VST instruments you that the other person doesn’t have you will need to freeze your tracks.

Freeze Tracks

Consolidate and save

  1. File -> Save project as – this will create a new save file which is what we need. make sure you save it to your memorable place on you computer.
  2. Follow the steps as below – locate your save area


  1. Tick the buttons – Create subdirectory for project
  2. Copy all media into project directory

Rename your project like below.

Create and send archive:

  1. Locate your saved project folder
  2. Right Click and look for Add to “your_project.rar”  – your_projectbeing the title of your song/project

Locate your archived project – if you click ‘Date modified’ it should move it to the top – if not click ‘Date modified’ again.

You can now email this to wherever it needs to go.

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