Advanced Chord Lessons Part 1: Dsus4 and Dsus2

Suspended chords are great for creating chord riffs.

Look through any of your favourite bands back catalogues and you’ll see suspended chords.

The following lesson involves the Dsus4 and Dsus2 chords.

Examples 1 and 2 use the Dsus4 and Dsus2 with the D major chord.

Examples 3 and 4 use the Dsus4 and Dsus2 with the Dm (minor) chord.

Each example chord progression and strum has an audio example for you listen and learn.


Example 1: D major, Dsus4, Dsus2

Example 2: D major, Dsus4 and Dsus2

Example 3: Dm, Dsus4 and Dsus2

Example 4: Dm, Dsus4 and Dsus2


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