Free Reaper Plugins: Tukan

Free Reaper Plugins: Tukan

Info available here: Free plugins for Reaper: Tukan
Add the following to your Repositories in Reapack

You will need to have ReaPack installed.

If you haven’t then go to this link and follow the instructions:

ReaPack Installation

Once done add the Repository link quoted above.

Add Repository – Free Reaper Plugins: Tukan

In Reaper.

(1) Extensions

(2) Reapack

(3) Import repositories

Extensions- Reaper - Add Repository for Tukan Free Reaper Plugins

Import Repository link:

In the window copy and paste the link/text quoted below

Tukan Plugins - Free Reaper Audio Effects

Synchronize Repository Packages:

Go to Extensions – ReaPack and Synchronize packages.

Install Free Reaper Plugins:

Go back to ReaPack and locate Browse Packages.

ReaPack - Browse Packages for New Plugins

A window will open as shown below.



Install New Plugins:

(1) In the Filter box type: Tukan

(2) Select All – You can select individual plugins – if you want you can select multiple items using ctrl and mouse left click.

(2a) Right Click to install.

(3) Ok – when finished to complete installation

Check installation of new plugins

Once we have let the installation complete we can now check our new plugins are installed.

Add a new track and click the FX button.

(1) New – The newly installed plugins will now be visible in the ‘New’ folder – if they are not try rescanning the VST folder in preferences.

Plugins Available:

Tape Recorder: Tape Saturation

Tukantronix: LA1a Compressor

Modulation Chorus Effect

NC76 – Compressor/Limiter

Limiter No.2

LexiKan – Reverb Plugin

Lexikan 2 – Reverb Effect


EQT-1a – EQ Plugin

EQ1 – Equalizer

Dis-Treasure – Saturation


Delay 2


Compressor 2

AC-Trem – Tremelo Effect


Sidechain Filter

Verb Ducker

Sumting – Summing Plugin

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