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Understanding TAB – Tabulature Part 3

Continued from previous page – Understanding TAB – Tabulature Part 2 Take a look at the next part in the Tab of ‘Hall of The Mountain King’ We’re now going to be playing a note on the 1st fret Use your 1st finger to ‘fret’ this note. To play the above note: Press the ‘A’ string on the […]

Understanding TAB – Tabulature Part 2

Continued from previous page – Understanding TAB – Tabulature Part 1 We’re now going to stick to one image example for each part explained. The image below is a quick example of a typical guitar tab. The above tab is the first part of ‘Hall of The Mountain King’ To play this we need to do a […]

Free D minor Backing Tracks for Jamming Guitar

Uploaded to www.free4allbackingtracks.com 1. Beasty – D minor jam track 3/4 Perfect for D minor pentatonic and D blues scales and phrases. Great for improvising slow blues/rock lead and building licks and runs and perfecting bends, vibrato and hammer ons/pull offs. Download Track – Right Click – Save as 2. Romantika – Free D minor […]

Silent Night – TAB and Chords for beginner

Easy to play arrangement for Silent Night – Both TAB and Chords. Tabulature can be played with fingers or plectrum – if using plectrum the lower bass note can be missed out to make playing the melody easier. If playing with fingers use Thumb to play string while finger plays thinner string. It’s arranged in […]

Hall of the Mountain King

As part of my tuition for guitar I’ve written out some of the best beginners peices. The following is and excellent introduction to the E, A and D strings. To play and exercise you fingers properly try and play it using the correct fingers. For this peice use the same number finger as the fret: […]

Silent Night

Nice and Simple version of Silent Night written in TAB To see a large version click on picture.

Away In A Manger

First Christmas Carol up, Away In A Manger. Click on image to make bigger!

Guitar Primer: Plectrum, Fingers and TAB (pt4)

Previous article: Guitar Primer: Plectrum, Fingers and TAB (pt3) Continuation of guitar primer lesson involving how to hold plectrum, how to read tab and which fingers to use. Click above picture to play sequence… This is the TAB that is being played, A few tips to try: ‘Alternative picking’ V = Down Stroke X = […]