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Silent Night – TAB and Chords for beginner

Easy to play arrangement for Silent Night – Both TAB and Chords. Tabulature can be played with fingers or plectrum – if using plectrum the lower bass note can be missed out to make playing the melody easier. If playing with fingers use Thumb to play string while finger plays thinner string. It’s arranged in […]

Strumming: 1+ 2 3 4

Strum pattern: 1 + 2 3 4 Example 1: G major, Em, A major and Am Example 2: Am, Am7, Em and Em9 Example 3: A major, D major and E major Example 4: E major, E7, A major and Asus2 Download PDF

Strumming 1 (2) 3 4 +

The following strum can be quite tricky to do. The (2) in the bracket is spoken but not played. As with previous strumming lessons there are audio examples for you to refer to if needed. Example 1: Em, G major, D major, A major Example 2: C major, Am7, Em, G major Example 3: G […]