Rescan VST Folder Reaper

Rescan VST Folder Reaper

Sometimes when we have installed new plugins we will need to rescan the VST folder in Reaper.

In some cases we might have missing plugins in Reaper – this is one way of verifying that they are installed.

To Install A VST in Windows

Open up Reaper again and got to preferences: CTRL-P or Options/Preferences:

Scroll down until you find VST

Find VST Folder Reaper using preferences - CTRL-PLook for VST as shown below – select.

Find VST Folder Reaper using preferences - CTRL-P


Look for Re-scan to refresh the plugins.

Re-scan VST Plugin Folder

Click the Re-scan button.

If that doesn’t work try Clear cache/re-scan.

If you are still having problems you will need to check where you installed your new plugins and make sure it is a folder path that Reaper has been told to scan.

Make sure your folder is shown below or that your VST plugins are installed to the folder’s chosen.

If you have installed to a folder not listed click the ‘Add’ button.

Browse your Hard Drives/PC for the folder you installed to.

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