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How to remove FX from Track Quickly in Reaper

How to remove FX from Track Quickly in Reaper Reaper has some really useful shortcuts that many of us are not aware of. One is removing an effect on a track quickly. Using Alt and the Left Mouse button to click the FX next to the FX on off button. To remove FX from your […]

Reaper – Useful Tip 1: Editing Shortcuts

A useful tip in using Reaper is to develope keyboard shortcuts to try and eliminate having to use the mouse. One shortcut I alter is the ‘Record’ shortcut. As its stands to record you have to either use the mouse and click record or use the shortcut ‘Ctrl + R’ With tasks like record it […]

EQ and Compression: Bass Guitar

Bass guitar: tricks, tips and advice on getting the most out of equalization and compression. Home recording and DIY production is a tricky old business for the newly initiated. With each new software program, vst plugin, hardware and technique their comes a new challenge. As with the other instruments I’ve talked about on this site, […]

EQ and Compression Settings: Snare

The snare if done correctly can be part of your signature sound, if you take a listen to a lot of 80s hair rock you’ll hear a very definite style of snare. Using presets for your compression and eq can be a good starting point, but if you’re interested in learning to sculpt the sound, […]

Home Recording: In A Rut? Writers Block

Getting bogged down in your own self capitulating, self absorbed mire? Finding your inspiration and enthusiasm has sapped itself away into the very floorboards? Grab hold of something and shake yourself then. Writers block is not easily fixable, I’m not an expert but it is an ever decreasing circle. Procrastination is the friend of excuses […]