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Simple Beat in Soundtrap

Simple Beat in Soundtrap Creating a simple beat in Soundtrap is pretty simple. Using the pattern maker we can use the following diagram to create a simple beat. Getting used to creating beats like this will give you a good foundation when creating a track. Soundtrap is divided into 4 blocks of 4 giving us […]

Casio SA-20 Drum Loop Samples

CASIO SA-20 Drum Loop Samples Casio SA-20 Drum Loop samples recorded at 120bpm on to cassette tape SolaVox SCD2070 tapedeck and transferred to computer via Delta 1010 into Reaper and edited in Audition. CASIO SA 2- Keyboard Drum Beat Samples  

ReaSamplOmatic5000 Midi Choke Hi-Hat

ReaSamplOmatic5000 Midi Choke Hi-Hat How to use Reaper to create drums in ReaSamplOmatic5000 Midi Choke Hi-Hat. Creating your own instruments in Reaper is quite a simple exercise when you know how. Using Reaper’s built in sampler, ReasamplOmatic5000 we can build complex instruments. Today I’m going to run through creating a simple drum kit. This will […]

Reaper Drum Beat Examples Part 1

Two Drums created using the information in my previous article: Create Drum Beats in Reaper using MT PowerDrum Kit VST Audio Example: Audio Example:

Sequencer Megababy Drums- Creating Drums in Reaper

Sequencer Megababy Drums Creating Drums in Reaper For this tutorial on Sequencer Megababy Drums I will be using: Reaper and Sequencer Megababy to create Drum loops. Dope VST CM – Available with Computer Music Magazine. Buy a copy now and download for free plus loads of other great plugins. Link You can buy the full […]

Free 100bpm rock drum loops

Free to download drum loops 100bpm straight 8ths rock drums created by Untidy Music. Right Click and Save File as to download or click link to play. Save time downloading and help support this site get al l25 loops in 1 zip file for 99 pence – click here click here Straight 4/4 Closed Hi […]