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Simple Beat in Soundtrap

Simple Beat in Soundtrap Creating a simple beat in Soundtrap is pretty simple. Using the pattern maker we can use the following diagram to create a simple beat. Getting used to creating beats like this will give you a good foundation when creating a track. Soundtrap is divided into 4 blocks of 4 giving us […]

Casio SA-20 Drum Loop Samples

CASIO SA-20 Drum Loop Samples Casio SA-20 Drum Loop samples recorded at 120bpm on to cassette tape SolaVox SCD2070 tapedeck and transferred to computer via Delta 1010 into Reaper and edited in Audition. CASIO SA 2- Keyboard Drum Beat Samples  

ReaSamplOmatic5000 Midi Choke Hi-Hat

ReaSamplOmatic5000 Midi Choke Hi-Hat How to use Reaper to create drums in ReaSamplOmatic5000 Midi Choke Hi-Hat. Creating your own instruments in Reaper is quite a simple exercise when you know how. Using Reaper’s built in sampler, ReasamplOmatic5000 we can build complex instruments. Today I’m going to run through creating a simple drum kit. This will […]

Reaper Drum Beat Examples Part 1

Two Drums created using the information in my previous article: Create Drum Beats in Reaper using MT PowerDrum Kit VST Audio Example: Audio Example:

Sequencer Megababy Drums- Creating Drums in Reaper

Sequencer Megababy Drums Creating Drums in Reaper For this tutorial on Sequencer Megababy Drums I will be using: Reaper and Sequencer Megababy to create Drum loops. Dope VST CM – Available with Computer Music Magazine. Buy a copy now and download for free plus loads of other great plugins. Link You can buy the full […]