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Free Guitar VST Plugin Software

Free to download Guitar VST effects and Amp sim plugins Free Guitar VST Plugin Software to download. Create your own sounds using the best free guitar plugins available on the internet. Get help setting up Reaper VST Effects FREE AMP SIMULATION AND EFFECTS RACK – Guitar Rig Based on GUITAR RIG 5 PRO Amp simulation […]

Marshall JH-1 'The Jackhammer' Test

Marshall JH-1 ‘The jackhammer’ – Review and Test. The Jackhammer is a funny pedal, the controls are fiddly and  the Distortion is hopeless but the overdrive is very usable indeed. I picked mine up on ebay for a very good price. Therefore this review and test is based on the price I paid which was […]

Behringer VD-1 Vintage Distortion Pedal review

Below is a test of the Behringer Vintage Distortion – The VD-1. I really like this cheapo pedal, it looks like a brick and sounds like a ton of bricks. If you’re looking for a cool budget distortion then this in my humble opinion is it. It’s very light when handled. Bit of blurb below, […]

Boss GT-8 and BWM 5 watt Chimp amp review

Boss GT-8 selection of Distortions and Overdrives and a Big White Monkey 5 watt Chimp amp. Below are recordings of some of the more famous effects. Basically mic’d up the Chimp as pictured below, Volume set at, Fender Telecaster fitted with Seymour Duncan bridge pickup, (Amp shown in picture below is Fender Champion 600) Again […]

Shuttleplugs free vst plugins: Drove

Looking for a free overdrive plugin, why not try Shuttleplugs free VST overdrive, This is an overdrive designed specifically for drums. It’s also nice on electric piano-type synths. It uses a VCF that let’s you control the range of frequencies going into the drove & has an optional low-pass filter at the end for smoothness. […]

Free VST PLugins: TriDirt from Noizware

Free Distortion VST Plugin from Noizware: TriDirt is a stereo 3-band distortion VST plugin. Features: * Adjustable crossover frequencies with linked knobs. * 7 different waveshapers for variety of sounds. * Post filtering option (PF) applies low pass filtering at first and second band. * Balance control applied before waveshaping for wide stereo effects. * […]

Qamp Free Distortion and Feedback VST Plugin

Qamp from ConcreteFX Qamp is a amp simulation VST plugin, Amp distortion with speaker simulation, feedback and EQ. Controls are Tone         – tone of pre-amp Emp          – emphasis of pre-amp Boost         – Pre-amp boost Sat          – Saturation of pre-amp Syn          – Pre-amp rectification Wave        […]

EFM:Electronics for Music free VST plugins

EFM:Electronics for Music free VST plugins Lot’s of free vst effects available to download, Including: Distortion Style Stomp Box: Muff Type Distortion: Others included are Delay, Phaser, Chorus and Flanger plus more. Also available free to download VST Instruments. Check them out here

Fromage: Free Filter/Distortion/Crunch VST Plugin

Fromage: Free Filter/Distortion/Crunch VST Plugin Hats off to this mad little bugger. Does a lot. Freature include: Highly resonant low-pass filter Cutoff frequency unit selection : Hz or musical note Up to 15 additional bands, harmonically distributed Delay on each band for unique phaser effects Distortion stage, with two routing schemes Very fine MIDI control […]

Tube Baby: Free Tube Amp Simulation VST Plugin

Tube Baby: Free Tube Amp Simulation VST Plugin TubeBaby is a digital simulation of a tube guitar amplifier. As such it features the standard controls found on a real amplifier, namely gain, bass, mid, treble, presence, master and a switch for activating the high gain mode of the preamp stage. The latest version also features […]