Render / Freeze Track Reaper

To render a vst instrument or effect in Reaper frees up your CPU resources.

Reaper: Render Stereo Stem

Reaper: Render Stereo Stem

To render or ‘freeze’ your track: choose TRACK and you will see two render options

The above picture shows the ‘Stereo’ stem render option.

The above picture shows the ‘Mono’ stem render option.

Reaper: Render Audio

Reaper: Render Audio

Sometimes too many VST’s can clog up your PC/Laptop this usually manifests itself in spluttering audio and audio dropouts – freezing or rendering these tracks to audio helps relieve your processor and increase your options.

Tip: Make a backup of your file before you do anything drastic – make a new copy of your song as well and rename it.

The way I usually do this is like so,

1. Original File = song.rpp

2. Backup File = song_backup.rpp

3. Rendered File = song_render.rpp

This may seem excessive but get yourself into the practice of backing up everything,

believe me if you don’t one day you’ll wish you had…

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