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Free VST FX Suite – Synth Filter and Phaser

Free VST FX Suite Phaser, Tremelo, Delay, Synth Filter and Chorus Novation has released a set suite of 32bit plugins for free download. These can be bridged within Reaper and other DAWs and are very usable. They’re also free which is a good price point for those starting out. The effects include: Synth Filter Phaser […]

Free Synth VST – V-Station and B-Station

Free Synth VST – V-Station and B-Station Novation have released their legacy plugins V-Station and B-Station as free downloads after discontinuing them. Both synth VSTs are extremely usable and would be welcome in any DAW setup. B-Station is still my goto Bass Vst. V-Station Download B-Station Download

Sitala Free VST Drum Sampler

Sitala Free VST Drum Sampler Sitala is a free drum vst plugin sampler and standalone app Sitala‘s beauty is simplicity. It‘s fast and musical. Six knobs. Sixteen pads. Drag and drop. Playable like instrument. 16 Assignable Pads Use our built-in 808 kit or your own sounds. Each sample is analyzed for dynamics and pitch, which makes the controls more intuitive and musical. […]

Free VST Chorus FX and How to Create Chorus in Reaper

Free to Download VST and AU Chorus FX plugins List of Free VST Chorus FX plugin effects. How to install dll file How to install plugins from exe How to install plugins in windows Chorus is an audio effect that occurs when individual sounds with approximately the same time, and very similar pitches, converge and are perceived as […]

Free Guitar VST Plugin Software

Free to download Guitar VST effects and Amp sim plugins Free Guitar VST Plugin Software to download. Create your own sounds using the best free guitar plugins available on the internet. Get help setting up Reaper VST Effects FREE AMP SIMULATION AND EFFECTS RACK – Guitar Rig Based on GUITAR RIG 5 PRO Amp simulation […]