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Installing VST plugins in windows

Installing a VST without the aid of an executable file is easily enough done, if you know how. If you’ve ever downloaded a file in zip or rar fromat or as a *dll file and not know what to do then this guide is for you. I’m taking the presumption that you do not know […]

Mastering Setup – The Limiter Explained

Pay attention to the ‘Input’ on a limiter. The ‘Input’ works a little like the ‘Threshold’ on a normal compressor. The more ‘Input’ the more the compression effect will be applied to your track. The second setting you want to look at is the ‘Ratio’. The ‘Ratio’ setting controls the amount of gain reduction that […]

Creating Mp3s using Audacity or Wavosaur

If you are trying to use Audacity or Wavosaur to create Mp3s you will need the file below, Download Lame Encoder It’s a simple task really, if you have both software programs installed unzip the above file into Wavosaurs folder: C:program fileswavosaur If you only have Wavosaur then do as above If you only have […]

Setting Up A Drum VSTi Reaper

For this tutorial you’ll need to download – wollo beat a free VSTi drum machine… You’ll need to install the VSTi in your VST folder. Here is a tutorial-how to install VST

Emu 0404 pci sound card clicks and pops

In an earlier article I mentioned that I had installed the EMU 0404 PCI sound card. I basically got it off ebay for £30, and it was curiosity that made me go for it. Curious about it’s zero latency and the built in FX. I have a UAD card and even though I knew the […]

X-Session UC-17 & ACT Sonar setup FX

Here is a guide to setting up the X-Session UC-17 to control VST FX in Sonar 7 It is part 1 – showing you how to setup a Control Surface and how to use the ‘midi learn’ function. This guide is a more advanced version of the article, X-Session UC-17 – How to setup ACT/Sonar […]

Optimizing PC For Music Production

Setting up a PC or Laptop for Audio/Music production is a neccesity. All these tips are XP based but some can be applied to Vista as well. Here are a few tips… I’ll update this one as I go. If it’s possible do not use PC for internet. And only install Music Software. If that’s […]

X-Session UC-17 – How to setup ACT/Sonar

Setting up the Evolution UC-17 X-Session is to be honest a right royal pain in the bum… If you’ve got one and are stuck then I sympathize. EDIT: Before you go onto the written tutorial have a look at this post, X-Session UC-17 & ACT Sonar setup FX Continue… Basically to setup in Sonar you […]

Evolution X-Session (not pro) – Midi Controller

Evolution X-Session UC-17 Ok so I picked this item up on ebay a couple of weeks after I bought the NanoKontrol. It’s initial use was to be as a controller for my plugins – that said not quite got that job done yet. —–>>>>Add tutorial here…working on it please wait… Bugger to find drivers or […]