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Free DAW setup advice Plugin FX and Instruments

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet just a series of links to free and or free to use software for beginners. :::DAW::: Reaper – Free to use but after 60 days it will be the best $60 you ever spend. Perfect for Mac or Windows Record Audio and Midi – Piano Roll and […]

Getting the most out of my home studio

Feels like such a long time since I last put anything on here. Funny how life has a habit of getting in the way. But it’s time to get back to business… A brand new setup: So the best way I can get started is to outline what I have in my studio and what […]

Teaching an old PC new tricks

What can you do with old PCs? Not a lot? Well depends what you want to do. I have a lot of SCSI based equipment, at the moment they connect to my main DAW PC. This of course  is not ideal. My main SCSI units are my EMU ESI samplers. And they are also my […]

7am Weirdness – Home Studio Storage Hacks

Ever needed a bespoke studio storage solution? Expensive eh? But the industry standard is 1. too expensive 2. too big/too small Why not make your own or hack a peice of furniture, Waiting for a delivery of amp parts from Germany I came across this article ikea hacker:hack bedside tables into music studio racks As […]

Audio Processing – Hog That CPU – Network

If you read my previous article – Audio Processing – Hog That CPU – UAD then you’ll get a kick out of this. ===o=–>>> Using another PC as an FX processor. Using a network connection it’s possible to use a 2nd PC or laptop for VSTeffects or VSTinstruments. Clearing up CPU usage – well almost […]