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Akai EIE 16 bit review

  I’ve had this device for a month now and I’m very happy with it. Reviews on the Akai EIE 16 bit version where pretty thin on the ground so buying it was a gamble. The sound quality seems very good and I’ve not noticed any latency either with midi or audio. When I record […]

iPad – Music and Guitar. The future is bright!

So it’s been a while since I last posted on here. The reasons are many but of no interest here. One reason though was the acquisition of an iPad. First my views on apple products before I took the plunge – shook hands with the devil! As a PC user I disliked apple products for […]

Mini Disc to MP3 Transfer

Unfortunately this tutorial does not use usb to transfer minidisc to pc but rather uses digital transfer. As a musician who threw his lot in with Mini disc when they first came out I have lots of old recordings that I would like to be able to transfer to mp3. Archiving my old recordings is […]

BWM 5 watt Chimp – Audio Review

A few weeks ago my old band mate and best man came around with his spanking new aquisition. A Big White Monkey 5 watt Chimp – Link It is of course an valve amp and not an electrified furry beast looking for tarzan. Anyway a couple of days we decided to get the thing set […]

Fender Champion 600 – Review

Before I start I have to point out that I’m reviewing this amp with sound as opposed to using descriptive terms. I’ll let you be the judge. My opinion is that this is a great amp for the money. Prices vary between £125 and £140 dependant on where you purchase. Usual blurb product blurb:  Scroll […]