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VPN Virgin Media Problem

If you have followed all the other workarounds on the internet try using Chrome incognito mode – for some reason this seems to work.

New Motherboard – Win 8 – Success – No reinstall!

Note: This is in my Hackintosh PC and is a seat of your pants story – it was reckless to a degree. That said I can confirm that Win 8 booted up – your system may be different. If you are using a new motherboard then you may get success booting straight away – Win […]

Waves License Problems Win 8.1- Windows 7

Ever had a message stating that your waves plugins are not registered? A pop like this, The following Waves plugins do not have licenses – please check that you have valid licenses for these plugins, then click ‘Rescan Licenses’. – To continue without these plugins, click ‘Skip’. From experience this can be found to be […]

Windows 8 serious latency and audio problems

Be aware this is very rambly and I’m just emptying my head – it would be nice to get other views on this so if you are having problems please comment. Well now here I am writing this post on a Hackintosh PC – porque? Curiosity and a major audio problem concerning Windows 8 – […]