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VPN Virgin Media Problem

If you have followed all the other workarounds on the internet try using Chrome incognito mode – for some reason this seems to work.

New Motherboard – Win 8 – Success – No reinstall!

Note: This is in my Hackintosh PC and is a seat of your pants story – it was reckless to a degree. That said I can confirm that Win 8 booted up – your system may be different. If you are using a new motherboard then you may get success booting straight away – Win […]

Waves License Problems Win 8.1- Windows 7

Ever had a message stating that your waves plugins are not registered? A pop like this, The following Waves plugins do not have licenses – please check that you have valid licenses for these plugins, then click ‘Rescan Licenses’. – To continue without these plugins, click ‘Skip’. From experience this can be found to be […]

Windows 8 serious latency and audio problems

Be aware this is very rambly and I’m just emptying my head – it would be nice to get other views on this so if you are having problems please comment. Well now here I am writing this post on a Hackintosh PC – porque? Curiosity and a major audio problem concerning Windows 8 – […]

DPC Latency Windows 7 64bit – Problems

With my new studio setup I decided that my older pc should start to earn it’s keep as an effects farm. That is to say use either Reaper’s Reamote or FX Teleport. My older pc is an ABIT AV8 3rd Eye motherboard with a dual core processor and 4gb ram. It was running windows 7 […]

Waves Element & Reaper Slowing Down and Crashing

Weird one this, installed Waves Synth plugin Element and it all went foobar. First off I couldn’t find it in Reaper as it doesn’t install as a VSTi instead it installs as a VST effect. When I did get it running it was dog slow. So I decided to uninstall and do a fresh install. […]

Clean install from Windows 7 using upgrade Error Code 0xC004F061

During my studio PCs cleanup campaign I made a grave error by wiping my windows 7 installation. Fortunately I had my upgrade disc and the installation went fine but… When I went to activate my legitimate copy using my product key I got the Error Code 0xC004F061 But as with all things google came to the […]

Creating a cheap as chips network storage system

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything on here  but here goes. A while back I started looking into the idea of network storage drives but each time was put off by the cost. Last week I decided I to take the plunge. As is usually the case I decided that I should […]

Words of Advice: Old Motherboard and Sata

Upgrading Sata Hard Drive dfrom IDE If you have like I do an older motherboard then be aware when buying a new sata drive. I own an AV8 3rd Eye motherboard with a sata speed of 1.5 GB/s The newer Sata drives are 3 GB/s To get these two to work together you need a […]