Strumming 1 2 +(3)+ 4 +

The following lesson is primarily a series of strumming exercises that can also benefit chord changes.

Each example has an audio example for you to listen to.

In each example the strum is played once for each bar.

The strum shown below is quite a comfortable strum to learn but usually it is learnt by ear.

The (3) in the bracket is spoken but not played.

The best way to accomplish this is to count the strum but soften the three (3).

Or you could just listen and follow the arrows.

It is important that you follow the arrows to keep a consistency of strum.

As with all lessons each image can be enlarged by clicking on it.


Example 1: Em, A major, D major, G major

Example 2: C major, Am, Em, G major

Example 3: C major, F/E, Am, G7

Example 4: Am, G major, Em, C major

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