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Understanding Compression with Kenny Gioia

Understanding Compression with Kenny Gioia Brilliant and well presented tutorial on using compression in Reaper from Kenny Gioia If you’r looking for free compression plugins check out my article here: Free Compression VST: 5 Must have Plugins

Rescan VST Folder Reaper


Rescan VST Folder Reaper Sometimes when we have installed new plugins we will need to rescan the VST folder in Reaper. In some cases we might have missing plugins in Reaper – this is one way of verifying that they are installed. To Install A VST in Windows Open up Reaper again and got to […]

Sidechain in Reaper Setup


Sidechain in Reaper Setup Sidechain effect in Reaper Setup. How to set up a sidechain in Reaper using Reacomp Create a New Project: I have setup two tracks: Kick Bass – On the bass track I have a bass synth Add send from Kick to Bass to create Sidechain in Reaper On the Kick track […]

Automatic Save Options Reaper


Automatic Save Options Reaper Losing work is a painful experience, one way we can combat this is to create backups. By using Automatic Save Options in Reaper. Reaper has an inbuilt option to do that for us. This can be very useful, it is also very configurable. For this to work you will need to […]

Reaper New Project Name Prompt


Reaper New Project Name Prompt When creating a new project in Reaper we might want a prompt to give the project a name. Why? Well for one backups. If we set auto backups in preferences we can make sure we never lose any work. Reason two? It’s just safer to do so. It just is. […]

Make Videos With Reaper

Make Videos With Reaper Like it says in the title, and it can’t be stated enough. Make videos in Reaper. Yes. And it is super easy, intuitive and less laborious than premiere. More Reaper Tutorials Here. I’m no video editing expert, I think that is very clear if you watch any of my videos. I […]

Metadata and Reaper Media Explorer

Edit Metadata

Metadata and Reaper Media Explorer Media Explorer Advanced has advanced recently. Metadata and Reaper Media Explorer are now integrated. This means we can create better search results in our sample databases. Editing Metadata using Media Monkey and Media Explorer Editing files is relatively easy. It is not without it’s challenges, most of those are met […]

Enter Value for Envelope Points in Reaper

Edit Envelope Point Value in Reaper Sometimes we need to enter a specific value for envelope points in Reaper. This is a much more laborious way of editing envelope points but sometimes it is a necessary evil. We can enter values by right clicking on a selected envelope point. This is not always the cleanest […]

Reaper Tutorials: Index of all Articles


Reaper Tutorials: Index of all Articles Below is an index of Reaper Tutorials and articles hosted on this website. Index: Reaper Tutorials and all Articles Beginners Guide Working with Audio Editing Tracks Working with guitars Working with drums Soundfonts/Instruments Working with synths Audio processings and VST/AU Plugins Working with Midi Working with Sequencer Megababy Workflow […]

Snap to Grid Settings and Snap Bypass – Reaper Tutorial


Reaper’s Snap to Grid options Getting used Snap/grid settings is really useful for editing tracks in Reaper’s track timeline. This could mean when we want to split a take to only copy a small section we can by splitting the tracks in precise areas. Split a track or take Reaper: Menu-Options To Access Snap to […]