Reaper and Drum Programming Resources

Reaper and Drum Programming Resources

As a project I am going to be getting my own resources and adding them here alongside links to software, articles, tutorials and available courses regarding programming drums in Reaper. This will include Drum Maps, Samples electronic and acoustic, Ideas and Tricks and tips.

If you have any resources, videos, software, tutorials or courses that you would like to add please contact me in the comments section below or email me Mark at [email protected]


Install VST instrument

Insert VST instrument

Create Drum Beat in Reaper

Drum Beat Example 1

Insert VST instrument on New Track

Sequencer Megababy Articles:

Sequencer_Megababy: Edit the Piano Roll Range



Youtube Playlist Below

Reaper Resources

SWS For Reaper

Install SWS for Reaper:

Reapack for Reaper:

Download Reapack


Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Setting up Piano Roll/MIdi Editor in Reaper for an easier drum editing experience

Reaper Drum Beat Examples Part 1


Learn to create the most realistic and best sounding drums using your favorite drum software. Henning Pauly has been programming drums for 30 years now. He has produced a ton of albums, most of which used realistically programmed drums.

Brilliant course which is well worth the current price of $120 – that said it’s well worth the $150 that it normally retails at – In depth, interesting and well worth your time. I am currently making my way through the course and learning new things and picking up new tricks – I am not a beginner even though this course is perfect for beginners and advanced programmers. Mad jumpers though.

Complete Guide To Drum Programming



MT Power Drum Kit 2

Steven Slate Drums Free

Spitfire Audio Drums Free

Drum Maps

Studio Drummer Drum Maps for Reaper

Modern Drummer Drum Maps for Reaper

Free Drum Samples:

Reverb Drum Machines | The Complete Collection


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