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Reaper New Project Name Prompt


Reaper New Project Name Prompt When creating a new project in Reaper we might want a prompt to give the project a name. Why? Well for one backups. If we set auto backups in preferences we can make sure we never lose any work. Reason two? It’s just safer to do so. It just is. […]

Reaper and Drum Programming Resources


Reaper and Drum Programming Resources As a project I am going to be getting my own resources and adding them here alongside links to software, articles, tutorials and available courses regarding programming drums in Reaper. This will include Drum Maps, Samples electronic and acoustic, Ideas and Tricks and tips. If you have any resources, videos, […]

Reaper – Setting up Midi Input – Recording and Monitoring

Hopefully you’ll have your midi device all set up and raring to go – if not then check out my tutorial on getting it ready – Setting up a Midi Device in Reaper All set? Ok then. Open up Reaper and add a track. Menu – Track – Insert new track… Go to your new track, […]

Setting up a Midi Device in Reaper part 2

This article deals with midi input – for midi output please read – Setting up a Midi Device in Reaper part 1 Getting your midi device to work in Reaper is quite a simple procedure. First you will need to install any software or drivers for your operating system. Some will work right out of […]

Workflow and Organisation in Reaper: Naming tracks, Icons and Colors

When creating large projects in Reaper it can get pretty confusing as to which track is which. To make thing easier can do a few things. Name the track – give it a descriptive name – i.e. Drums, Synth, Piano, Guitar We can also allocate an icon to a track. And we can give each […]