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Consolidate or Share Reaper Project

Sharing a Reaper Project: You will need three things to start. Winrar – Download here click blue button to download. Somewhere memorable to save – ie Desktop – we need to locate this file so that we can email it. If you have VST instruments you that the other person doesn’t have you will need […]

3rd Party Reaper Add Ons: Tale’s JSFX Pack Tale’s JSFX Pack This is my homebrew collection of free, hackable JSFX audio/MIDI plug-ins and libraries for REAPER v4.25+. Tale’s JSFX Pack includes these JSFX plug-ins: ab_mono: A/B two mono channels. colored_noise: Colored noise generator. drum_synth: Simple drum synth (GM compatible, although incomplete). midi_sustain: MIDI sustain emulator. midi_vibrato: MIDI vibrato via Pitch Bend. mono_synth: Simple mono/poly synth. poly_mono_midi_router: […]

Reaper:Piano Roll:

Reaper: Insert VST and New Midi Item Before we start let’s add a vst instrument following the article above.       To enter a note we use the left click button – double left click the note that you want to enter by selecting the note: You can see the note on the vertical […]

Reaper Piano Roll: C Major Scale – Guitar as reference(C3-C4)

Reaper:Piano Roll: The following illustrations have been created to show guitarists how to identify notes in regards the notes on a guitar neck – using the C Major scale we can create ourselves a solid reference point. Below is how the piano roll equates to the guitar notes of C Major scale. The scale C3 […]