Using Staff View

To edit or write midi data we need to bring up the staff view screen.

Hold the ‘ALT’ key and press ‘7’

You should now see this screen.

Staff 1

Look at the interface at the top of the new screen.

Staff 2

You can enter notes by highlighting the pencil option and clicking on the staff.

You can delete notes by highlighting the eraser option and clicking the note on the staff.

Edit Buttons

You alter the note value to be entered by clicking the relevant button.

Note Values Buttons

You can change staff layout by clicking the button. Not the ‘v’

Staff Layout 1

This will open a box.

Staff Layout 2

Under ‘Staff properties’


The drop down form that currently says ‘Treble’.

You can by clicking change to any staff you desire.

This is useful for writing

Bass or Drums.

For Drums – Choose Percussion.

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