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Render / Freeze Track Reaper

To render a vst instrument or effect in Reaper frees up your CPU resources. To render or ‘freeze’ your track: choose TRACK and you will see two render options The above picture shows the ‘Stereo’ stem render option. The above picture shows the ‘Mono’ stem render option. Sometimes too many VST’s can clog up your […]

Editing Reaper – Split a track


Editing Reaper – Split a track In Reaper at some point while editing a project, we will need to split a track. Splitting a track in Reaper is pretty simple. Works for Midi and Audio. Find the place you want to split the track, use the mouse to select the area on the work area […]

Edit keyboard shortcuts – Sonar

Need to know what Sonars shortcuts are or would like to set your own? Using the ‘key bindings’ edit function in Sonar can help you speed up your work rate. Options – Key Bindings It also helps you understand Sonar more, as you come across shortcuts you never new existed. So if your just looking […]

Add Image Opens New Page – WordPress Admin

Yesterday seemed a day of problems and solutions – Pain in the arse but hey… Anyway I found that I couldn’t add images to my wordpress blog, the ‘add image‘ widget would ask to navigate away from page or open a new tab instead of opening a pop up. I also couldn’t add a new […]

Using Staff View

To edit or write midi data we need to bring up the staff view screen. Hold the ‘ALT’ key and press ‘7’ You should now see this screen. Look at the interface at the top of the new screen. You can enter notes by highlighting the pencil option and clicking on the staff. You can […]