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Free Guitar Lesson: 1 String Exercise

Getting your fingers to untwist themselves can be a frustrating process. Practice is king – for the exercise we’re going to use the ‘G’ string as our basis and the notes from the A minor(natural) scale have been used – this will hopefully give us a few things, Learn how to use our fingers properly. […]

D Minor Pentatonic lesson

D Minor Pentatonic – Scales Notes: D F G A C D Practice over backing tracks in F Major/Dminor. Ideal practice for guitarists learn different positions, below are some ideas for variation of position. Play without introducing rhythm, that is at a steady pace keeping each note the same length. When comfortable in one position […]

Notes on the ‘D’ string

This article deals with the notes on the guitar and not why you should learn them.  Why learn notes on the guitar? Notes on the ‘D’ string: Highlighted in Red Sharp notes on the ‘D’ string. Flat notes on the ‘D’ string. D# = Eb F# = Gb G# = Ab A# = Bb C# […]

Major Scale Patterns part 2

Following on from my previous article Major Scale Patterns Part 1 I’m going to show you three other Major scale patterns. It is recommended that you read that article first. The first of these patterns is an alternative to the previous articles ‘E’ string based pattern. The suggested fingers for this pattern are: 1st, 2nd […]

Notes on the ‘A’ string

This article deals with the notes on the guitar and not why you should learn them.  Why learn notes on the guitar? Notes on the ‘A’ string: Sharp notes on the ‘A’ string. Flats on the ‘A’ string. Understanding that: A# = Bb C# = Db D# = Eb F# = Gb G# = Ab […]

Notes on the bottom E string – Neck Knowledge

This lesson is focussed on the bottom E string.  In this article we are looking at how important it is to understand the relationship between the E string and Barre chords or Scales can be. The letter or the note as it should be referred to is usually called the root/tonic – in Chords or Scales […]

Notes on the guitar – Getting the Knowledge, Why?

Learning the notes on your guitar is a very important thing to do. When you play barre chords, power chords or scale patterns knowing your notes will help you find your start position or root(tonic). A good knowledge of the guitar also helps working out harmony and how to put chords together. In fact a […]

Understanding Barre Chords(part 2)

Before you carry on with this article please read, Understanding Barre Chords(part 1) Following on from my previous article on Barre chords I’d like to show you how we can now bring in our second 2 chord shapes. Major Barre Chord Minor Chord Shape Understanding that the previous articles barre chords were tied to the […]

Understanding Barre Chords(part 1)

What is a barre chord? The barre chord is a movable chord that uses the first finger to lie across the strings pressing them all down whilst other fingers fret chord shapes. Effectively your first finger becomes the guitar nut or works like a capo. Understanding how a barre chord works can take some real […]

Using Staff View

To edit or write midi data we need to bring up the staff view screen. Hold the ‘ALT’ key and press ‘7’ You should now see this screen. Look at the interface at the top of the new screen. You can enter notes by highlighting the pencil option and clicking on the staff. You can […]