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Staff View for Reaper – Music Notation!

Not sure how this passed me by, maybe because I’ve waited so long for it that when it eventually hit I was looking the other way. Well it’s here, kudos to the makers of Reaper – they gone and done it. You can now switch view from Piano Roll to Staff View and edit – […]

Hall of the Mountain King

As part of my tuition for guitar I’ve written out some of the best beginners peices. The following is and excellent introduction to the E, A and D strings. To play and exercise you fingers properly try and play it using the correct fingers. For this peice use the same number finger as the fret: […]

What? – understanding drums.

Best read before attempting to understand the midi drum lessons/articles on this site. If you landed on this page and are looking for midi drum files only read this. –o==-> I’m going to use the staff view in Sonar and the Piano Roll in Reaper. –0+~+> First let’s get a bit of knowledge – We […]

Home Recording Tips – Drums

Recording at home is hard – as a musician I find myself having to be producer, sound engineer, arranger, mastering engineer and IT department. That said it is a lot of fun and does bring it’s own rewards, even if they’re not financial. Let’s face it most project studios are potential money pits ha ha. […]

Using Staff View

To edit or write midi data we need to bring up the staff view screen. Hold the ‘ALT’ key and press ‘7’ You should now see this screen. Look at the interface at the top of the new screen. You can enter notes by highlighting the pencil option and clicking on the staff. You can […]