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Staff View for Reaper – Music Notation!

Not sure how this passed me by, maybe because I’ve waited so long for it that when it eventually hit I was looking the other way. Well it’s here, kudos to the makers of Reaper – they gone and done it. You can now switch view from Piano Roll to Staff View and edit – […]

Open Chords: G Major

Guitar: Open Chords, G Major Note: The THIRD finger indicates an extra finger/note – This is not necessary but try both versions. Piano: Staff: Chord Spelling: G B D

Working with Intervals (part 2) Major 2nd

Continued form part 1… In the previous article I stated that in order to understand intervals and their importance we need to listen to them. In order to create a better feeling for the sound we also need to correlate that with playing. Below are pictures and tab describing how to play the major 2nd […]