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Rescan VST Folder Reaper


Rescan VST Folder Reaper Sometimes when we have installed new plugins we will need to rescan the VST folder in Reaper. In some cases we might have missing plugins in Reaper – this is one way of verifying that they are installed. To Install A VST in Windows Open up Reaper again and got to […]

Kirnu Cream CM no sound Mac Reaper

Kirnu Cream does not output sound, it is purely a midi plugin – that said if you are having problems it would seem that the AU unit for Mac does not output midi. Instead use the VSTi version – both 32bit and 64bit work as they should. Make sure that Kirnu Cream is first in […]

Render problem Reaper and Garritan GPO Aria

Came across this problem today. Try to render and would and Reaper would crash. Narrowed it down to Garritan. A possible fix: Go to Options – Preferences – Plugins – VST Look for Inform plugins of offline rendering… Tick the box. Try rendering and hopefully it should now be fixed.