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Organizing Reaper Project Folders Change Default Paths

Organizing Reaper Project Folders Change Default Paths When organizing Reaper Project Folders or if we want to Change Default Paths. Go to Options -> Preferences Under General look for Paths: Here you can change your Folder where you save your projects and recording paths. You’ll also see that you can change your default Render path. […]

Reaper: Media Explorer Set/Audition Pitch

Reaper: Media Explorer Set/Audition Pitch: Reaper: Media Explorer Set Pitch – new in Reaper the ability to set the audition pitch of samples also insert into project with chosen pitch.

Rescan VST Folder Reaper


Rescan VST Folder Reaper Sometimes when we have installed new plugins we will need to rescan the VST folder in Reaper. In some cases we might have missing plugins in Reaper – this is one way of verifying that they are installed. To Install A VST in Windows Open up Reaper again and got to […]

Sidechain in Reaper Setup


Sidechain in Reaper Setup Sidechain effect in Reaper Setup. How to set up a sidechain in Reaper using Reacomp Create a New Project: I have setup two tracks: Kick Bass – On the bass track I have a bass synth Add send from Kick to Bass to create Sidechain in Reaper On the Kick track […]

Automatic Save Options Reaper


Automatic Save Options Reaper Losing work is a painful experience, one way we can combat this is to create backups. By using Automatic Save Options in Reaper. Reaper has an inbuilt option to do that for us. This can be very useful, it is also very configurable. For this to work you will need to […]

Reaper New Project Name Prompt


Reaper New Project Name Prompt When creating a new project in Reaper we might want a prompt to give the project a name. Why? Well for one backups. If we set auto backups in preferences we can make sure we never lose any work. Reason two? It’s just safer to do so. It just is. […]

Drum Programming: Tips and Tricks


When programming drum beats in Reapers midi editor there are several ways to help our workflow. Shortcuts, Screen Setup, Drum Maps etc. Below I’m going to show you how I have my Drum Editor setup and what I do to make creating beats easier and much more fun. Some of this can take time to […]

Modern Drummer Drum Maps for Reaper

Reaper Drum Maps for Kontakt’s Abbey Road Modern Drummer Sparkle Drum Kit White Drum Kit Install Drum Map for Reaper – Save files to your keymaps folder. Options->Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder Find ‘MIDINoteNames’ folder Save or Copy file to this folder. To load keymap: In Piano Roll: File->Note/CC Names->Load note/CC names from file […]

Guitar Preset for Reaper using Free VST effects

Guitar Preset for Reaper – Filter – Distortion – Preamp – Speaker – Reverb: Plugins used – ReaEQ + Mecurrial TSC + Hybrit Lepou- JS:Convolution Amp/Cab – ReaEQ – Voxengo Oldschool Reverb For this to work you will need to install the relevant plugins as 64bit vsts. Links are below. Voxengo OldSchoolVerb Free Guitar VST […]

Install VST Plugin from EXE – Reaper

Install VST Plugin from EXE Part 1 To install a VST from an *.exe installer is a little easier but if we want to use our own folder then we have to use a few steps extra this also make it easier to find and verify that Reaper can find our newly installed VST plugin […]