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Modern Drummer Drum Maps for Reaper

Reaper Drum Maps for Kontakt’s Abbey Road Modern Drummer Sparkle Drum Kit White Drum Kit Install Drum Map for Reaper – Save files to your keymaps folder. Options->Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder Find ‘MIDINoteNames’ folder Save or Copy file to this folder. To load keymap: In Piano Roll: File->Note/CC Names->Load note/CC names from file […]

Guitar Preset for Reaper using Free VST effects

Guitar Preset for Reaper – Filter – Distortion – Preamp – Speaker – Reverb: Plugins used – ReaEQ + Mecurrial TSC + Hybrit Lepou- JS:Convolution Amp/Cab – ReaEQ – Voxengo Oldschool Reverb For this to work you will need to install the relevant plugins as 64bit vsts. Links are below. Voxengo OldSchoolVerb Free Guitar VST […]

Install VST Plugin from EXE – Reaper

Part 1 Installing a VST from an *.exe installer is a little easier but if we want to use our own folder then we have to use a few steps extra this also make it easier to find and verify that Reaper can find our newly installed VST plugin whether that is an Effect or […]

Insert virtual instrument on new track – Reaper

In Reaper insert a new track or VST instrument. MENU – Track – Insert virtual instrument on new track Or in the space above the mixer and top the left of the track lane – Right Click your mouse and choose Insert virtual instrument on new track. All our available instruments are listed in the […]

Install VST *.dll from archive file zip or rar Reaper or DAW

INSTALL VST WINDOWS OLD ARTICLE (The following tutorial can be used to install any *.dll VSTplugin form an archived file ie *.zip or *.rar file downloaded from the internet) – always be prudent  When you download make sure you choose the version for you system. 64bit or 32bit? The following tutorial is based on the […]

Find or Create VST Folder Reaper

Start up Reaper and press Ctrl + P on your keyboard. (cmd + , on MAC) This will bring up your prefences page. In the pane to to the left you’ll see some menu choices: Scroll Down until you see the VST menu and click on it:   To the right hand side you will […]