Christmas Guitar Gift Ideas – Guitar Accessories

Christmas Guitar Gift Ideas

Coming up perfect christmas guitar gift ideas is a bit of a minefield for those who have no knowledge of what guitarists want. Lessons are a good option for beginners but what if they already have lessons. Maybe they don’t need them anymore. Below is a list of items that all guitarists can use at some point. You may already know what they want but have forgotten or you want to make sure you get the right thing. Each item will have a brief explanation and a quick recommendation. All links are to Amazon purely for ease and also affiliate links so I do get a commision. You can always buy elsewhere if you prefer.

Electric Guitars for Beginners

Acoustic Guitars for Beginners


A Capo is a small clamp like device that fits over the strings on a guitar – is is a really good item for a guitarist to have. It’s job is to raise the pitch of the strings. A must have for all guitarists.


Shubb Guitar Capo – Nickel – Personal Recommendation

Christmas Guitar Gift Ideas

Guitar Strings

Choosing strings is a hard thing to do unless you are a guitarist with a bit of experience.

Is the guitar Nylon string, Acoustic steel string or Electric? The obvious difference is between the electric and acoustic guitar. To determine which is which between the classical style guitar and the standard acoustic is to look at and feel the thinnest strings. Plastic feel = Nylon – Metal = Steel.

Beginners usually tend to need thin strings – in guitarist terms this is called a light gauge.

Electric guitars are best at 9’s and acoustic light or medium light.

My personal preference’s are Ernie Ball Super Slinkys for electric and Ernie Ball Earthwood Medium. You can get lights or mediu lights as well.

Christmas Guitar Gift IdeasChristmas Guitar Gift Ideas

Electric Guitar Strings

acoustic guitar strings

Nylon Guitar Strings

Christmas Guitar Gift Ideas – Stocking Fillers

Christmas Guitar Gift Ideas

Plectrums have different thicknesses. For electric guitar it is safer to go for thicker plectrums. Acoustic guitar is a bit more of a delicate one. The thinner the plectrum the more percussive the guitar will sound and is nice for strumming. Not very useful for plucking strings though. The above plectrum is a good inbetween. For electric I would go for .88 or 1mm.


Dunlop Guitar Plectrums

Guitar Strap

Guitar Case

Christmas Guitar Accessories

Music Stand

Guitar Stand

Guitar Hook

guitar tuner

guitar maintenance

guitar cable

Christmas Guitar Gift Ideas – Effects

audio interface

behringer guitar pedal

tc electronic guitar pedal

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