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Christmas Guitar Gift Ideas – Guitar Accessories

Christmas Guitar Gift Ideas Coming up perfect christmas guitar gift ideas is a bit of a minefield for those who have no knowledge of what guitarists want. Lessons are a good option for beginners but what if they already have lessons. Maybe they don’t need them anymore. Below is a list of items that all […]

How to Use a Guitar Tuner – Guitar Tuna Free App

How to Use a Guitar Tuner Using the Free Guitar Tuna App Learning to use a guitar tuner is a tricky one to start with. When we start learning guitar it’s not always apparent what we need to do. It is good practice to tune your guitar before every session. This means that when you […]

Touch controls Reaper – MAC – Duet – iPad

Ever wanted to have touch control over Reaper? Well it has arrived – for MAC at least. How? Well there is the caveat, you need an iPad. If you have one then the cost is relatively low. You will need a program called Duet – installs on both iPad and MAC. Duet Website What they […]

iPad – Music and Guitar. The future is bright!

So it’s been a while since I last posted on here. The reasons are many but of no interest here. One reason though was the acquisition of an iPad. First my views on apple products before I took the plunge – shook hands with the devil! As a PC user I disliked apple products for […]

Scroll 7" Storage Options Tablet Device – Review

Scroll 7″ Storage Options Tablet Device – Review and Advice Is it it worth a punt? The answer to that question is do you have the time and patience? I recently bought one of these devices off ebay for £51 including P&P This review comes in 3 parts. On start up I was pretty suprised […]