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Touch controls Reaper – MAC – Duet – iPad

Ever wanted to have touch control over Reaper? Well it has arrived – for MAC at least. How? Well there is the caveat, you need an iPad. If you have one then the cost is relatively low. You will need a program called Duet – installs on both iPad and MAC. Duet Website What they […]

iPad – Music and Guitar. The future is bright!

So it’s been a while since I last posted on here. The reasons are many but of no interest here. One reason though was the acquisition of an iPad. First my views on apple products before I took the plunge – shook hands with the devil! As a PC user I disliked apple products for […]

Scroll 7" Storage Options Tablet Device – Review

Scroll 7″ Storage Options Tablet Device – Review and Advice Is it it worth a punt? The answer to that question is do you have the time and patience? I recently bought one of these devices off ebay for £51 including P&P This review comes in 3 parts. On start up I was pretty suprised […]