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Recommended Acoustic Guitars and Accessories 2022

Acoustic Guitars Your first acoustic should be something that can be played straight out of the box. Fortunately Donner have such a guitar and it’s under the £100 bracket. I have come across several of these during lessons and they are very consistently made. Alternatively there is the Tanglewood Crossroads guitar which is a little […]

Christmas Guitar Gift Ideas – Guitar Accessories

Christmas Guitar Gift Ideas Coming up perfect christmas guitar gift ideas is a bit of a minefield for those who have no knowledge of what guitarists want. Lessons are a good option for beginners but what if they already have lessons. Maybe they don’t need them anymore. Below is a list of items that all […]

How to Use a Guitar Tuner – Guitar Tuna Free App

How to Use a Guitar Tuner Using the Free Guitar Tuna App Learning to use a guitar tuner is a tricky one to start with. When we start learning guitar it’s not always apparent what we need to do. It is good practice to tune your guitar before every session. This means that when you […]

Beginners Acoustic Guitars Christmas 2021

Beginners Acoustic Guitars for Christmas 2021 That first guitar is always special, it’s an amazing gift to give or receive. Beginners acoustic guitars this year gives us a lot of choices. If you are looking for help with choosing and beginners electric guitar please click. Size for Students beginners guitar. Skip to Adults and Children […]

Budget Beginners Electric Guitars for Christmas 2021

Budget Beginners Electric Guitars for Christmas for 2021 Buying beginners guitars is a minefield. Especially without any knowledge of what you need to buy. Budget Beginners Electric Guitars for Christmas 2021 is hopefully an article that can point you in the right direction. Purchasing guitars off the internet is problematic. You can’t get a feel […]