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Insert virtual instrument on new track – Reaper


In Reaper insert a new track or VST instrument. MENU – Track – Insert virtual instrument on new track Or in the space above the mixer and top the left of the track lane – Right Click your mouse and choose Insert virtual instrument on new track. All our available instruments are listed in the […]

Install VST *.dll from archive file zip or rar Reaper or DAW


How to Install VST *.dll From archive file zip or rar Reaper or DAW Sometimes we need to Install VST *.dll. Ususally from an archive file such as a rar or zip file. (The following tutorial can be used to install any *.dll VSTplugin form an archived file ie *.zip or *.rar file downloaded from […]

Budget DAW Setup with Drums, Synths and FX


Budget DAW Setup Getting started with pc or laptop recording. How to get started with your budget DAW setup with drums, synths and FX. DAW = Digital Audio Workstation VST Plugin – Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is an audio plug-in software interface that integrates software synthesizer and effects in digital audio workstations. Budget DAW Setup Links: […]

Find or Create VST Folder Reaper

Start up Reaper and press Ctrl + P on your keyboard. (cmd + , on MAC) This will bring up your prefences page. In the pane to to the left you’ll see some menu choices: Scroll Down until you see the VST menu and click on it:   To the right hand side you will […]