Ubuntu Studio – Drivers

Ok so I got it installed.

This is still causing me problems – it’s hard work.


Before I go ahead I have a few concerns.

Mainly drivers.

I have a lot of older equipment.

So here’s a list – I’ll update as I go along.

Emu Esi4000 – Guessing from what I’ve seen not gonna happen – just as well I kept my XP

Emu Esi32 – See above.


Motu Express XT 128(parallel) – Here’s the bitch, Motu don’t support linux – and I’m yet to figure out if I can install using ALSA – don’t ask I haven’t got a danny la rue.

Found this walkthrough – Matrix:Module-mtpav @ alsa-project.org

Might be worth checking out.


M-Audio 2496 – Works – fine.

M-Audio Keystatio 49e Usb – not tried.

See my involved set up

I also have a safecom usb wireless dongle – found linux drivers here

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