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Korg NanoPad and NanoKontrol Review

Just after christmas I purchased the NanoPad and NanoKontrol usb controllers. The keyboard wasn’t necessary, It looks too small and awkward – but that is from a visual impression. NanoKontrol @ Dolphin Music £53.95 Korg NANOKONTROL USB Fader & Button Contrl -Black @ $59.99 @ Guitar Trader Anyway here’s a review of how things have […]

Ubuntu Studio – Drivers

Ok so I got it installed. This is still causing me problems – it’s hard work. ————————————– Before I go ahead I have a few concerns. Mainly drivers. I have a lot of older equipment. So here’s a list – I’ll update as I go along. Emu Esi4000 – Guessing from what I’ve seen not […]