Ubunto Studio – Installation – The Long Way Round.

Please read this post before going ahead – read first

Disclaimer – This works on my machine. I take no responsibility for what happens to your PC. This is a guide and also a note of my procedure in case I have to go through this again. Take note I’ve struggled so far and it’s hard going – take a weekend, stock up on lot’s of coffee, slam Planet Rock on if you have the availability. If you smoke make sure you’ve got plenty in. If you don’t, well um good for you, chew on a carrot or summat.


Stop here if your scared of opening your computer!

Due to problems with my pc setup it required that I open up my pc and fiddle about.

My PC spec is as follows.

AMD 28000

2gb Ram

IDE 1: Master HD 1(xp)40gb,  Slave HD2(stuff)160gb

IDE 2: Master HD3(ubuntu) 40gb

SCSI: HD 4 – This is used by my EMU ESI4000 – in xp in is unseen.

DVD – USB – Where I’ll install from.

Part 1.

This installation is for a dual boot system with xp already installed.

Download Unbunto Studio.

You’ll need a blank DVD.

Once downloaded and burnt to cd and dvd respectively we’re ready to start.

Firstly my setup design.

I have three hard drives currently installed:

IDE 1 Master Hard Drive 1: Win Xp – 40gb

IDE 1 Slave Hard Drive 2: Storage – 160gb

IDE 2 Master Hard Drive 3: Ubuntu (!!!fingers crossed!!!) – 40gb

XP already installed. NTFS

Storage controlled by xp NTFS

Part 2.

If you have scsi hard drives, disconnect them. This seems to have been my problem.

Part 3.

Ok I used my 1st HD for xp.

Unplugged that from it’s IDE on the motherboard.

I then unplugged my third drive from IDE slot 2 and Plugged it into IDE 1.

I left HD 1 unplugged.

Part 4.

Start up your PC.

I have a boot option, F11.

This gives me the option of which device to boot from.

Start up from DVDrom.

Part 4.

Let ubuntu start up until the splash screen appears.

Choose install.

From here on in it’s easy.

Ignore the network setup(apparently this can be set up afterwards).

Just follow the instructions.

When it gets to the partitioner I chose guided partion of whole drive.

Follow the instructions.

Install software you want, there are choices of what to install.

Use space to highlight which you want.


Eventually it’ll get to the GRUB install.

Just follow what it says to install.

Once the installation has completed it will give ask you to remove the disk and reboot.

All being well it should boot into ubuntu.

Job done?

Well no.

Part 5.

Shut down pc from ubuntu.

I then reconnected the scsi drive.


Ubuntu stalled on the loading screen – then it loaded the drivers for the scsi drive.

And I had a successful login.



Part 6.

Shut down.

Unplug HD 3 from IDE 1 and plug into IDE 2.

Take the unplugged cable from HD1 and 2 and lug it into IDE 1.


Part 7.

Should load auto into XP.

If that works then we’re set.


To boot into ubunto I press F11 at startup – boot menu.

I choose 3rd hard drive and bingo I’m loading ubuntu.

Everything works.

Well we’ll see.

Next is drivers.

Ubuntu Drivers

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