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Using remote publishing in wordpress using Ubuntu

Off the topic of music but in keeping with this website I’ve recently started to use Ubuntu studio more and more. To be honest I’ve not always been a fan of Linux due to it’s difficulty in setting up. That opinion changed though. A few months ago I acquired a tired old laptop, XP had […]

Ubuntu Studio Revisted – Installed On A Laptop

About a year ago I had an aborted attempt at installing Ubunto on my desktop. It was time wasted really and I wish I hadn’t tried, I complained at the time that there were too many things to fix or that could not be fixed. Well I gave up. And now I’m back. The reason? […]

Ubuntu Studio – I Give Up

I finally decided to call it quits on Ubuntu Studio. It’s too much to learn, too much fiddling and too much wasted time trying to fix. Now don’t get me wrong it’s free, and as such it’s a fantastic oppurtunity for those with the time. I’ve decided to call it quits due to problems with […]

Ubuntu Studio – Drivers

Ok so I got it installed. This is still causing me problems – it’s hard work. ————————————– Before I go ahead I have a few concerns. Mainly drivers. I have a lot of older equipment. So here’s a list – I’ll update as I go along. Emu Esi4000 – Guessing from what I’ve seen not […]

Ubuntu Studio – Read first.

I’ve been interested in linux for over 2 years and have occasionly contemplated installing. Until recently that thought popped out of my head until I saw Ubuntu Studio in computer music magazine. I decided to give it a crack. As I use xp I decided to dual boot. Yup it’s 3 days later and I’m […]