KRK ERGO – The Key to a better mix

‘Is your mix Boomy, Flat, Muddy, Unbalanced and just not right?

The problem is your room.

Fix your Room and you’ll fix your mix…

Sometimes something comes along that you just wish you had enough spare cash to throw away on.

I’d love to know if this works.

KRK ERGO Room Correction System

The ERGO is a digital room analysis/correction system designed to measure and analyse phase abd frequency problems within a listening environment.

There’s an article on Sound On Sound here

KRK Ergo - the key to a better mix.

A great mix starts with a great recording room. But when it comes to achieving the most accurate mix, your room may have the upper hand. Like any room, your studio’s acoustics include offending frequencies and room reflections, and none of these are helping your mix. Getting a handle on these problems has traditionally meant the installation of soft foam or fabrics, and that’s a great start. But now you can get even closer to a perfect room, and a perfect mix, because the future of studio sound is here, and it’s called ERGO.

KRK ERGO Room Correction System Standard

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