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KRK ERGO – The Key to a better mix

‘Is your mix Boomy, Flat, Muddy, Unbalanced and just not right? The problem is your room. Fix your Room and you’ll fix your mix…‘ Sometimes something comes along that you just wish you had enough spare cash to throw away on. I’d love to know if this works. KRK ERGO Room Correction System The ERGO […]

Vox JamVox Jam & Practice Tool for Guitar

How cool is this? I mean it even looks cool doesn’t it? ‘The JamVOX, is an integrated monitor and software system that extracts the guitar from any MP3 and plugs you into the mix of their favorite bands.’ – I can see this being very useful cfor some guitarists although I am sceptical as to […]

Roland Sonic Cell – Sound Module – Audio Interace

Ahh toys more toys and how… Saw this yesterday advertised and how cool does it look? Roland SONIC-CELL Sound Module w/ USB Audio & Midi $895.95 @ Guitar Trader SonicCell puts the power and legendary sound quality of a Roland hardware synthesizer on your desktop. With its dual SRX expansion bay, built-in USB audio interface, […]

Danelectro HoneyTone Mini Amplifier

This cool looking little practice amp is the definitive small portable amp. Great clean or overdriven vintage sound. Louder than most mini amps with a real leather handle, belt clip and headphone jack. Volume, tone & overdrive controls. Powered by a 9V battery wish is included. As you can see these dinky little amps come […]