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Mastering Setup – The Limiter Explained

Pay attention to the ‘Input’ on a limiter. The ‘Input’ works a little like the ‘Threshold’ on a normal compressor. The more ‘Input’ the more the compression effect will be applied to your track. The second setting you want to look at is the ‘Ratio’. The ‘Ratio’ setting controls the amount of gain reduction that […]

Setting up – Mastering Effects – Home Recording Tips and Advice

If you are trying to Master your own tunes you will be wanting to know which effects to use and what order to use them in. Truth is there is no set way to set up your mastering effects. It’s all about your ears, does it sound right? 2 previous articles on this site. Mastering […]

KRK ERGO – The Key to a better mix

‘Is your mix Boomy, Flat, Muddy, Unbalanced and just not right? The problem is your room. Fix your Room and you’ll fix your mix…‘ Sometimes something comes along that you just wish you had enough spare cash to throw away on. I’d love to know if this works. KRK ERGO Room Correction System The ERGO […]

Home Recording – Mastering for fun – Primer

Previous Article – Mastering How? If you read my previous article you’ll understand that this article is not for professional purposes but for those wanting to get started and those who want to have giggles with mastering. We’ll call this a primer shall we? Let’s forget environment and monitor speakers – did you hear that? […]

Home Recording – Mastering – How?

Related Articles: List of Free Mastering Plugins Mastering – Useful Articles Is it possible and should I bother? It’s an interesting question. Something I’ve asked myself many times. And my conclusion is that if you want to spend an awful lot of time banging your head against a wall then why not. So ok you’ve […]

Loudness – War Huh!

So you’ve got your track mixed down but it’s just not loud enough compared to other songs on the market. NEED TO TURN IT UP!!! Well no, not really – see the above sentence? IF I WROTE EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS IT WOULD BECOME TIRING TO THE EYES… Would it not – in some case […]

Mastering Plugins

X-CITA – Analog style exciter for mastering purposes, inspired on the BBE Maximizer models. Its warm sound and simplicity of using makes this exciter very suitable to add some subtle brightness in the high frequencies, and also make the lows more dense. Apart from the mastering stage, you’ll find that it can also make a […]

VST Compressors – Free to Whoah There

Free: Kjaerhaus Audio: Classic Compressor, link Classic Compressor is a classic analog style VST Compressor Plugin with a lot of warmth and punch. Special designed to use on individual Instruments and Vocal, but also useable on your final mixes. Smooth Compression Ajustable ratio up to limiting Ajustable attack and release times Ajustable knee (hard to […]

Mixing – Using Compression – The Seedier Way

If like me you have trouble with your mixing and mastering stage then the following article sent to me by the scottish reprobate Seedy Dave should help, OK so forgive the obvious but a quick once over basic compression first, lets say you’ve got a track recorded on acoustic geetar and it peaks at 0dB, […]