Acoustic Guitars 2023 – Christmas is coming soon?

Acoustic Guitars 2023 – Christmas is coming soon?

The Yamaha F310 is an excellent starter guitar for 12 and upwards. As an adult starter guitar it is perfect. I have recommended this guitar to my students for as long as it’s been available. Absolute rock of a guitar. Well made and look great.

I’m a big fan of Ibanez acoustic guitarsm they always just feel so right and play so well. As a starter guitar this one is a perfect price.

Squier guitars are well made and this guitar is well priced at £82. Well worth a look. Be careful with other same priced guitars. Remember buy rubbish buy twice.

As I have mentioned, | have always recommended the Yamaha F310 but recently I have come in to conatct with the Donner acoustic guitar and it is seriously a good guitar for the price range and plays out of the box.

3/4 Size for age 12 and under

Buying guitars for younger kids can be tricky. Especially the new learner so being careful and prudent is the best practice. That said kids can be unpredictable. Paying a lot of money for something that could end up gathering dust is a worry most of us carry. That said we know our children. If your son or daughter is serious you’ll know so set them up properly without breaking the bank.

Below are two options:

Steel string guitars sound brighter but can hurt little fingers.

Nylon string guitars have a warmer/duller sound, especially when strumming chords – that said they don’t hurt younger finger tips and are also a cheaper option.

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